Angel-May Black has been locked in a room for 16 years, a prisoner of her own father. He’s never been a loving person and has beaten her on a regular basis for as long as she can remember. The only thing she can do to make it stop is to wait until death claims her. But fate has something else in mind for Angel. She has to hold on until the day she turns eighteen, then she will be rescued by a vampire and a shape-shifter who are hired by her grandmother she never knew she had.

But even then her life isn’t safe, when everyone around her has their own agenda. Are they really helpful or do they mean her harm too?

Angel is very young when her mother dies and since that moment she is the prisoner of her violent father. The only things bearable for her are her “dreams” in which she meets a young handsome man and sometimes a familiar woman. Are they glimpses from her future or are they just dreams?

Angel’s connection with her rescuer, Zared, is huge although he cannot understand why. He is hired to save her from her father and make sure she arrives safely at her grandmother’s, but her soul is calling to him. Angel knows her future depends on him, so she has to convince him to keep her close.

Love for a Vampire, by Wendy Huchison, is the first novel in a trilogy and I have to say it’s well written. When I read the book description, I was interested and very curious to see what this book was all about. The first few chapters are heavy stuff and I did have some doubts about reading further, but I’m glad I did.

My hands itched when I read the scenes of the abuse. How can a father treat his daughter that way, beat her up till she bleeds? No, I didn’t feel any love for that man.

Angel and Zared are fabulous characters and you’re going to love them when you’re further into the book. Their journey isn’t without danger and their growing relationship will be tested every step of the way.

I’m dying to see more of them in future novels. I know there is more between Angel and Zared then we see in this book. Who or what is Madoc? I hope to find that out in the next novel, too.  I’m definitely going to look out for her next novel, hopefully that won’t take too long.

3 stars

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