Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m happy to announce our next featured Indie Author, J.E. Hopkins! J.E. is the author of the not to be missed series Misfits of the Lore. J.E. has stopped by and answered a few questions for us about her books, being an indie author, and her life outside of author-dom.

Head over to the interview page and learn more about J.E. and her book and also enter for you chance to win of of 2 copies of her latest release We Shall Rise!


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We Shall Rise is the second installment of the Misfits of Lore Series. The Misfits of the Lore are a group of hybrid immortals that were abandoned by everyone.  They sought and found family in each other.  It has every paranormal creature you could ever hope for: vampires, lycans, witches, and many more.

I really enjoyed the storyline, fast-paced from beginning to end.  It didn’t lack for action, and even had a couple of interesting twists! Technically, there were a couple of editing mistakes, but they did not make you lose focus.

I loved the relationships and interactions between all the characters.  Kaden and Rheysa, the book’s main characters, had a chemistry that was undeniable, and the author had a way of making you wait in anticipation as their relationship came to fruition.  There are many other characters that grace the pages as well. It was a joy reading the relationships that were already there, and the hints of the ones that are about to develop. There are a few characters that I can’t wait to see again! The ending of this book will keep you wanting more.  The Misfits of the Lore is a series that I would be happy to continue reading.



War surrounds him, yet for vampire Kaden Gaspard, there is no greater battle than the one his mind has waged against his heart. He knows he should stay away from her. Reysa. The half-breed vampire warrior who had risked her life to prove his innocence for the seven murders for which he was accused, but had not committed. This stubbornly loyal woman who dedicated her life to her family of misfits – immortals shunned and abandoned by their clans for their impurity of blood and genetic mutations. This courageous and valiant African warrior who Kaden fears could never love the monster that he is destined to be.As Kaden and Reysa struggle to accept the undeniable bond between them, they must come together to stop the emerging terror that threatens to destroy all immortals. The lesser immortals – witches, sages, shifters, demons, hybrids, charmers and foreseers – have declared war against the pureblood vampires and lycans who have used their purity of blood and greater strength to enslave the weaker races. No immortal is safe. This is a fight for freedom and a fight against genocide. There can be no true victor as death looms for them all.

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