Detective Mitch Guthrie has to stay at the top of his game.  He’s been transferred to the SPOOK Squad to investigate crimes committed by paranormal creatures.   Mitch’s dad was killed by a siren, so his lack of enthusiasm for the assignment is understandable.   However, as the only human on the squad, he’s going to have to learn his way around quickly.  Now he’s got three  Succubi to deal with – his new captain, his new partner, and a murderer.  Molly Beck, Mitch’s partner, has a few secrets of her own, most of which can be found hidden underneath the Vortex Blues tavern.
Tina Gerow has done an excellent job developing interesting characters and world building in this tale of paranormal suspense.  Her characters are far more complex than the average short story, and her world setting is intriguing.   She paid quite a bit of attention to detail and gave me a few surprises.   The attraction between Mitch and Molly is dynamic.   The downside of a short story is that the ending is rushed and she had to wrap things up far too hastily.   I really hope she has some more stories to tell about the Vortex Blues world in a future novel.
After punching his last boss in the mouth, Detective Mitch Guthrie is transferred to what he considers the worst position available for a cop—the SPOOK Squad (Special Paranormal Operations & Otherworldly Contact.) As a human with special gifts that allow him to sense non humans things get interesting when he’s assigned a partner who is a succubus, and his first case involves a succubus serial killer. Between the Sedona, Arizona vortexes, his captain—the actual Cleopatra, a gargoyle bartender named Rocky, and a fear demon who gives off a urine smell, Mitch isn’t so sure he’ll survive the week with all his body parts still in tact.
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