This is the third book in the collection, the other two have been the meat and potatoes of the story, where the characters have been established and embellished upon and now there is the possibility of marriage between Derrick and Annabel. This has been a most awaited for book since the other two had been launched, and so far hasn’t disappointed for reasons I will mention.

I noticed there are those races in this book that are furious at them wanting to be life mates, both werewolves and fellow vampires, but readers will think it is up to them to choose. This conflict between werewolves, vampires and humans is great for the book, though as it shows the different prejudices involved. Derrick and Annabel just want to have a good life together, and in this novel of the Deadly Sins series of books, it might not be possible.

The mere fact Annabel has to fight for the right to be herself and marry who she wants to makes her hit in my books. She has all the passion and outrage of a woman who cares and who wants to break the bonds of vampire oppression. There is the problem of the vision Memory is having about a vampire on the rampage that could cause trouble for Derrick which is explained later.

Superbia, like the other two is set in a Buffy the Vampire Slayer kind of place where all kinds of monsters can cause problems for Derrick and Annabel, and it is that feel of the story which captures the imagination, and keeps the reader turning the pages.

It is intensely dramatic and shocking in places, especially during Annabel’s wedding, and it can be corny in places – but I think it’s intentional.

One word of warning – once you start reading, you won’t want to put the book down…just thought I’d say.


Be sure to read the first two books in this fantastic series, Luxuria and Invidia.


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With wedding bells in the air and fire brewing on the ground, you know things are much too perfect for something not to be brewing. As Derrick and Annabell prepare for their life together, a proud and bitter bounty hunter attacks them at their own wedding and shoots the bride, seeking revenge on the new Queen of the Damned.

Annabell’s subjects finally take a stand against the arrogant race of humans and are ready to fight for the sake of their race. But the battle won’t be the easy when the recruits have been sworn enemies since the beginning of time. Werewolves and Vampires.

Derrick must make the most important decision of his life, while another sees their own life slipping away. Plus, an unwelcomed visitor for Jonathan appears in the image of his beautiful blonde sire, who has a bit of a vendetta against Lucy. And as the conflicts begin against each race, Precious and Paul find themselves being torn apart by Pride and Prejudice, as a she-wolf starts to stalk her new prey.

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