Let The Night BeginKathryn Smith’s latest addition to the Brotherhood of Blood series, Let the Night Begin, is a perfectly paced, snappily and hotly written vampire romance tale that I found impossible to put down once I started.

In Let the Night Begin, Smith tells us the story of another member of the Brotherhood, Reign. Unlike many other romance book heroes/heroines, however, Reign isn’t meeting his love for the first time but finds a familiar face returning to his life, that of his estranged wife, Olivia.

Some 30 years after she walked away because Reign made her a vampire, Olivia seeks him out to help save her nephew, whom she’s raised since he was an infant. Problem is, she has to trade Reign for him, and soon finds her loyalties tested as they unite in an uneasy truce. And even though neither really trusts one another, their hearts and bodies still feel the pull that drew them together so many years before — and Olivia is having a devil of a time resisting, but does she even want to?

Kathryn’s books are always real pleasers, and Let the Night Begin continues that trend. There’s plenty of danger and intrigue afoot as well, and some seriously erotic moments between Reign and Olivia … enough to steam up a pair of reading glasses! I honestly think this may be my favorite of this series to day. 

Have you read Let the Night Begin? If so post a comment to this review and let others know what you thought.

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