Kane knows how to bring the reader into the story by first introducing some arcane poetry dedicated to what he calls demons or the spawn of Cain, or in this case, vampires. This poem indicates they are all powerful, dangerous and thrive on being lively in the dark regions of the night.

Told in the first person by Aleron himself, he tells of his life in the seventeenth century as a young man filled with ideas of what he would do with his life.  The way he narrates the story makes it sound like several diary entries of his early life in Alexandria, Egypt. He has all the bravado and fun-loving attitude that an early Lestat would have.  One day Aleron meets a woman, Mynea, who will change his life forever.  She has chosen him, above all others to be her ‘vampire offspring’.   Through it all, Mynea has to tell him what he is and why she has made him one of her kind out of all the possible men in the world.

The attention to detail is what draws the reader into this novel. The setting is perfect, and has enough impact for drawing the reader into the book. The cover for Aleron is dark and seductive, giving the reader a glimpse into the blood and gore.  Unlike some writers, who would approach the vampire lifestyle with rose-tinted glasses, Kane tells it as it should be, with not many positive points other than having eternal life and a lot of sexual contact.



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Aleron must cope with a timeless existence, seeing those he loves suffer the fate of mortality, while he remains cursed with eternal life. What if your immortal origin as well as others of your kind were hidden from you by the one you loved most; the one who gave you into a life of darkness and a lust for the sweetest nectar? These dilemmas and more face Aleron, but he must first learn to live, to survive, and most of all, to feed.

Seduced by the alluring vampire Mynea, Aleron learns what it truly means to be immortal as he adapts to his new life and new insatiable lust. She is teaching him to give her what her maker never has. She desires a new king and a new coven. Hearts, minds, and vampire souls intertwine as long kept secrets crawl out from the grave, refusing to remain buried beneath earth and lies. A blood kiss between them reveals a darker and even deadlier soul that has learned of Aleron’s blasphemous existence. Vlad is the beginning, the father of them all. Mynea must not let her young prince learn of her ancient king. Can a vampire truly love and trust another of his kind when their very lives depend on skilful deceit?

Walking a thin line between life and death, Aleron is certain of one thing, if love is, then blood is.

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