Kenn Baker’s Endless Night is not the average vampire book. This is a darkly intense story of lust, greed, violence, and primal urges that refuse be ignored…..and I loved it! Filled with bloody scenes of sex and death, it is a more realistic look into what a world with vampires would be like. You won’t find any love-sick, angst-filled vampires trying to find a way to love a human in this book. In fact, there are very few humans in this book: except for the ones that end up as lunch.  When reading most vampire stories, I tend to root for the good guy. But in Endless Night, the good guy is a bad guy. Even though there was a ton of violence in the book, there is humor, too. I found myself laughing when humans were being torn apart, sometimes envisioning the characters dancing and laughing while slaughtering them (Think “A Clockwork Orange” but with vampires!).

Baker’s writing was extremely descriptive, which made the book that much more intense to read. Each and every character adds an extra level to the story with their unique personalities. I’m happy to know that the author is going to add to the series.  I’d love to see more from all of the characters and find out where their lives are going to go.

If you’re looking for a sweet romance or a happily-ever-after story with rainbows and flowers, this is not the book for you. While there is humor and a little romance, it’s a dark humor that not everyone will like. If you enjoy a little horror with your vampires, then I say this is a must-read. It really was a fantastic read that fans of gothic vampire romances will like. Endless Night is a delightfully dark walk on the wild side that was impossible to put down.


From the author

James is a vampire who wants to hunt, he relishes the kill. He wants to hunt openly, leaving the dead where they fall, but his pack leader Brad insists upon discretion. James is discontent with this domesticated vampire life, and does everything he can to change his life, fix his relationship, end the tyranny of Brad and avoid that pesky sun.

Endless Night is a fang-filled feeding frenzy of fornication and of course….blood.

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