William is a vampire looking for something more in his existence.  One Halloween he saves a woman from a small group of vampires. Eveva is grateful for Williams help in saving her from the other vampires. There is a strong attraction between them but will William feel the same when he finds out what she is, and can they ever be together?

William seems to me like he is on the outside looking in. He has interactions with other vampires, but to me he seems prefer being solitary.  He also strikes me as a romantic of sorts.  Eveva is an orderly, which means she works to keep peace between the vampires and humans. Her kind is hated and feared. I initially  thought her personality to be really flighty, but proves she can be serious when she needs to be.

Technically the book had quite a few misspelled words. I could get past it, but it was noticeable. I hope this is something that is addressed in the future. The very beginning of the book grabbed me. The first thing that peaked my interest was simply trying to figure Eveva out. The second thing that grabbed me was the interaction between Eveva and William. After that things really slowed down for me, and I struggled through the middle of the book, but I was pleased when it picked up again towards the end. The relationship between William and Eveva is not what a reader usually sees in the typical romance, and leaves the reader wondering what will happen between the two.

Deadly Liaisons is the debut novel from Agnew, and although there is room for improvement there is definite potential.


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William Corvin, a vampire who after a century of killing has decided he wants a change. William has spent the past century following the king of the Texas vampire’s orders, no matter what they were. He did not care what or from whom he got what he wanted as long as he got it, but now he has had enough. After months of not knowing what to do he crosses paths with Eveva Whitmore. A beautiful dark hair violet eye girl who is much more then she seems. After saving her from three vampires they connect, but within her rare beautiful eyes could be his salvation. Still, she carries a dark secret that could lead to his undoing. The story is a romance filled action, fantasy adventure that will push the boundaries of love. With William’s dark past and Eveva’s dark present threatening to thrust them both into the darkest depths of destruction, how will they survive?


Three short stories by Terry Spear at the irresistable price of $.99 each!

Click “HERE” to read about all three!

The Siren’s Lure

Any fan of Terry Spear’s Wolf, Highland, or Vampire books will enjoy this short story. The Siren’s Lure contains all we’ve come to expect from Spear with plenty of humor, action, and sexual heat to fill the pages from start to finish. The Siren’s Lure has something for everyone with the sexy siren Demon Huntress Tristina and the sizzling seductive Vampire Prince Sardis. 


Sardis, the leader of the New York Vampire Clan, wanted nothing more than to hang out at the beach resort and have a nice relaxing vacation. How was he to know that saving a beautiful woman from two goons would turn his vacation and his life upside-down? The woman he saves claims to be a Huntress and since he’s a vampire, it would probably be wise to ignore his attraction to her and let her be on her merry way. When she changes her story several times he doesn’t know what to think. First she’s a Vampire Huntress, then she’s got a fiancé Hunter waiting for her, then she’s a Demon Huntress, and finally she just needs to get to her friend Jane’s party. Fearing that she’s really just a mentally unstable human, he decides to escort her to the “party” she is so decadently dressed up for. Finding nothing but a deserted room containing a fire demon and a ghost, he starts to rethink his doubts; especially when she helps him kill the demon by sucking all the water from its body. 

 When a gorgeous vampire steps in and “saves” her, Tristina tries to not get her hopes up that he will really want her. Half human and half water demon, she has a siren’s call that most men find irresistible. So while most men want her, none want her for who she really is. When the vampire, Sardis, refuses to give up his misguided assumption that she needs “protecting” she starts to wonder if his feelings for her are as undeniable as hers for him. She’s heard that vampires are viciously protective of their “mates”. 

Tristina’s friend Jane was killed by a demon, but instead of passing over to the next life she has stayed as a poltergeist in that deserted room, summoning demons on the anniversary of her death every single year, hoping that one of the demons she summons will be the one that killed her and Tristina will be there to destroy it. But Jane isn’t the only one summoning demons in the area. 

Together, Sardis and Tristina must find and destroy the Demon Summoner and his book of demon names and send Jane into the afterlife if they are to have any chance at a life together, for Sardis must return to his life in New York, but Tristina can’t leave the area to the demons unchecked.

Goddess In Training

No one is safe when the gods play their games.

Terry Spear’s short tale of passion and love will please any romance fan. With only 25 pages, Spear does a fantastic job of filling each and every page with vivid descriptions and imaginative characters that will keep you entertained to the end.


Zeus and Hera, ever the competitive couple, have placed a wager.  Zeus, in his infinite wisdom, knows that mortals and immortals alike need only physical satisfaction to be happy. Hera wholly disagrees. As the Goddess of Marriage, Hera knows that while they may be satisfied physically, they will never be complete without love being a part of that physical pleasure.

Zeus places Asarian, the demi-god of pleasure against a human of Hera’s choosing. After much thought, Hera chooses Lisandra, a 26 year old virgin librarian.

If Zeus wins then Lisandra will become the demi-god of fertility. If Hera wins, then the gods will forever leave Asarian & Lisandra to their own lives without interference. 

Asarian, caught in the middle of Zeus & Hera’s game, walks into Lisandra’s library assured that he will win the bet for Zeus. He’ll seduce Lisandra, giving her the greatest pleasure she’s ever known and leave her completely satisfied while keeping both their hearts out of it. That’s what Asarian does after all; pleasure the women with his body, but not his heart. What should’ve been an easy assignment becomes one of the most challenging things he’s ever done. 

Lisandra may not be wise in the ways of carnal pleasures, but she knows what she wants. When Asarian walks into her life she can’t deny he’s gorgeous, but she can see how dangerous he could be to her heart. Not willing to settle for less than everything from him, Asarian has no choice but to seduce her in what Lisandra thinks is a dream. Asarian soon finds out that Lisandra can do what even all the goddesses on Olympus can’t. She can bring this demi-god of pleasure down on the knees of his heart.


Seducing the Huntress

Terry Spear’s Seducing the Huntress is so seductive that after reading this 50-page short story, I felt as if I’d just read a full length novel. It’s amazing how much emotion and action Spear can pack into so few pages. The story of Sarzoven and Miranda in Seducing the Huntress hooks you from the first page and has twists and turns that keeps you guessing until the very last pages.  This is just a teaser of what Terry Spear’s vampires are like. If you enjoy this short story, you have to pick up Deadly Liaisons, one of my personal favorites!


After 600 years, Sarzoven and his sister Catarina, have played many death-defying games and wagers. When you’re a vampire and pretty much have eternity to look forward to, it takes a lot to get you excited. That changes when Catarina’s newest bet is seducing the huntress Miranda Landower, daughter to one of the most successful vampire hunters. To make the bet even more intriguing for Sarzoven is the fact that he is on Miranda’s list of rouge vampires to be terminated. Sarzoven feels up to the task until he takes very close notice of her. Something about her has his body thrumming with desire. After losing his human mate over 100 years ago, he swore to never get emotionally involved with another human. Suddenly he’s not sure who’s being seduced—him or Miranda.

Miranda is a vampire huntress and she’s very good at what she does. Her list of kills is long, but all of them were proven rogues. Miranda doesn’t blindly kill those on her list of rogues; she hunts at night when she can catch them in the act, proving that they deserve their fate. So when Sarzoven’s name shows up on her list, she knows something isn’t right. Why would a vampire with a history of helping protect humanity suddenly turn against it? She’s got doubts about this sexy vampire but suddenly she’s hoping her list is wrong this time.

When Sarzoven saved her from an assassin’s bullet, Miranda realized that she may in fact be on someone’s termination list herself—but why? Could it be because she didn’t terminate Sarzoven on sight or could it be something more personal? Sarzoven and Miranda must overcome their differences and trust each other in order for them both to survive. But even if they survive, is there any chance of a future for a vampire huntress and a 600 year-old vampire?

Have you read The Siren’s Lure, Goddess in Training, or Seducing the Huntress? If so, leave a comment letting others know what you thought.

Here’s a list of known upcoming book releases from your favorite paranormal romance authors for January 2010.

If we’ve missed any titles, feel free to post a comment informing of us of the book title, author and release date.


January 1st

Heart of Darkness
Susan Krinard, Maggie Shayne, Gena Showalter

Last of the Ravens
Linda Winstead Jones

Fugitive: The Cat Star Chronicles
Cheryl Brooks


January 4th

Kitty’s House of Horrors
Carrie Vaughn


January 5th

Deadly Liaisons
Terry Spear

Guilty Pleasure: Bound Hearts series
Lora Leigh

Death’s Mistress: Dorina Basarab series
Karen Chance

The Taking: Seven Deadly Sins series
Erin McCarthy

Naked Dragon: A Works Like Magick novel
Annette Blair

Wicked Enchantment: A Dark Magic novel
Anya Bast

Come Hell or High Water: Broken Heart, OK series
Michele Bardsley

Bone Magic: Sisters of the Moon series
Yasmine Galenorn

Firespell: Dark Elite novel
Chloe Neill

Melina Morel

Karen Chance, Marjorie M Liu, Yasmine Galenorn, Eileen Wilks

Through Stone & Sea: Noble Dead saga
Barb & JC Hendee

The Good, The Bad, and the Uncanny: Nightside series
Simon R. Green

Blood Cross: Jane Yellowrock series
Faith Hunter


January 12th

Magic of the Heart
C J Harte

Wild Hunt
Margaret Ronald

Bitten by Cupid
Lynsay Sands, Pamela Palmer, Jamie Rush


Beyond the Night: Awakening Heroes
Joss Ware


January 19th

Succubi Like it Hot: The Succubus Diaries
Jill Myles

Pleasure of a Dark Prince: Immortals After Dark
Kresley Cole



January 26th

Twice as Hot: Tales of an Extraordinary Girl
Gena Showalter

A Highlanders Homecoming: Daughter of the Glen
Melissa Mayhue

What a Demon Wants
Kathy Love

Mammoth Book of Irish Romance
Tricia Telep -Editor
23 stories by misc authors

Pride Mates: Shifters
Jennifer Ashley

A Tale of Two Demon Slayers: Demon Slayers
Angie Fox

The Selkie Bride
Melanie Jackson

Everlasting Kiss
Amanda Ashley

Shadow Blade: Shadow Chasers
Seressia Glass

Ecstasy Unveiled: A Demonica novel
Larissa Ione

Spider’s Bite: Elemental Assassin
Jennifer Estep

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