In honor of the holidays, is serving up interviews with a pair of super-talented Vampire Romance authors — Alexandra Ivy and Susan Squires.

Ms. Ivy is author of The Guardians of Eternity series. The first two volumes (When Darkness Comes and Embrace the Darkness) are on shelves now, and the third, Darkness Everlasting, is scheduled for release in May 2008.

Ms. Squires is author of the Companion series. The fifth book in the series, One With The Shadows, is due out this month. The first four books are: The Companion, The Hunger, The Burning, and One With The Night.

These two special ladies have graciously answered a series of questions about their books and writing and we’re pleased to share their responses with you.

Now, ladies and gents, interviews with Alexandra Ivy and Susan Squires.

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