Cassidy has three chances to make a love life for herself, but she has to choose which one will make her happiest. This isn’t the best way for a girl to spend her time, but immortality can get a little boring when she has only herself for company. One man is good for her – Daniel, while the other, Ash, might not be, even though she is tied to him, in body, blood and soul. She doesn’t care enough for Ash since he forced the blood tie on her without her consent; she feels she only has one chance at love and that is with Daniel. She always felt right around Daniel, but the intense link to Ash can serve to confuse her heart sometimes.

As a vampire, Cassidy does not want to spend an eternity alone, so she has to make a decision or she will have to surrender to her fate and be stuck with Ash. It could be a long time, though, and as she hasn’t found the kind of love with other men that she has with Daniel.  She must open her heart to the possibility that if she does choose Daniel, Ash might take great exception to it.

Even though she is a vampire, she is still having problems with men in the way humans do, with basic issues that involve trust, love and jealousy. She is more human than she thinks. I liked the way she handles her situation, and she isn’t far removed from any woman on the street in the way she feels.

She desires a man she can trust, one who will look after her interests, not just his own like Ash would. She thinks it could be a tall order, but all she needs to do is follow her heart, yet it is more complicated than that. Due to her being bound to Ash, she can’t get with another man, not even Daniel, or so she thinks.  Daniel surprises her and wants nothing more than getting the binding to Ash undone. It felt good to me as a reader as it gave Daniel’s character some real spunk that he needed and Ash was formidable as his opposite.

The Irish link that is part of the title gave the novel an uplifting feel even when there were tense moments in the story. This is one author not to be missed.



Cassidy Elliott found herself torn between two worlds. The one in which she was currently living and the one in which she was desperately trying to escape.

No correction she found herself torn between two men. One man she desperately found herself needing and longing to spend an eternity. And one to which she was forced to open her heart, mind, body and soul to. Everyone always assumes a vampire has a choice in which way they live the here after.

Well my friend you soon will see how very wrong you are to assume we are in control of our own destiny, no matter who we are.

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