*This is a contemporary romance, but it does have angels and a slight bit of time travel. *

What do you get when you cross “A Christmas Carol” with “Heaven Can Wait”?  Answer:  Angel Be Good by Kathy Carmichael.  Daphne is a war correspondent that dies before her time.  She is asked to help reform a modern-day, Scrooge-type character while a search is made for a suitable new body for her to inhabit.   She spends the evening visiting Nathaniel with visions of Christmas past, present, and future.  In between, the two fall in love.

The characters interact well together.  Leonard, the angel assigned to assist Daphne, reminded me of the kindly angel, Clarence, in “It’s a Wonderful Life”.    Readers will recognize other characters from “A Christmas Carol” also, but reimagined in fresh and updated roles.


This is a charming story.   It could have been super sappy, but the author strikes the right balance between heartwarming and romantic.  She even works in the famous closing line from “A Christmas Carol” at just the right spot.

There is an explicit sex scene in the book that had me rolling my eyes with its over-the-top prose, but the second such scene was done extremely well.  It was breath taking with its über romantic quality.

“Angel Be Good” was my favorite of the Christmas romance books I read this year.  I will be recommending this one in the future when people ask me to suggest a good holiday romance.


From Amazon.com
Miracles still happen in modern day New York when “Scrooge” (Nathaniel Danvers) meets Heaven Can Wait (Daphne), who has been sent to give him one last chance at redemption. Angel Be Good captures the essence of the classic Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol and offers a touch of humor and romance. This sexy romantic comedy is the perfect holiday feel-good read.

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