I read Immortal Temptress based on the front cover, name of the novel, and the fact that it was the first book in a new series. I was hooked from the very beginning and it only took me four hours to finish it. I couldn’t put the book down, but I was also expecting more to come. Overall I enjoyed the story line and liked the characters; however I wish I could have read more into the characters’ lives and backgrounds. There was no history about any of the characters. I was hoping for a strong connection with at least the main characters of the story, but it fell flat for me.  The book could have been a lot longer; to me it felt rushed and lacked detail. There were a few minor grammar mishaps in the beginning but after that, it was fine. I also would have enjoyed a more thorough explanation of what the characters actually were, such as their responsibilities, limits, special powers and so on. I would definitely read book number two in the series because I would like to see where this story leads and how it develops. Immortal Temptress was an overall good read.


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Enya’s job is to escort the dying on their final journey, to make sure their souls get to heaven before a demon can steal their bodies. For centuries she has done this without emotion, until the body in question belongs to Kane Sullivan. Not only does she desire his rock-hard body, she can’t bear the thought of him dying. But she’s not supposed to become emotionally involved in a death.

Kane’s sudden run of near-fatal accidents always happen when Enya is present. She might be hot, but he’s not willing to die to get to know her. Then he discovers she’s fighting for his soul. That damned immortal temptress might be the death of him.

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