Tatyana K Varenko


Tatyana's birth as human being

Took place in 1982,

In June, when weather was appealing

And sparkling with the morning dew.

As she grew up, too shy by nature,

Her friends were Pushkin, Dante, Wilde

Who wrote of love and of adventure -

She dreamt of the vampire kind.

As time went by, she took to versing

When she got hardly over ten,

And life was constantly coercing

Tatyana to employ her pen.

The Foreign Languages Department

She joined in 1999

Served as a very good incitement

For her verse writing to refine.

Then the first sketches were laid out,

When she was drawing to 18,

Ordeal began to come about

To lighten up her dull routine.


It is a verse-ornated story

About love, betrayal, wrath,

Royal vampires' bliss and glory

Bringing them straight to their death.

Luella, fierce, strong vampire,

Falls for a pretty human catch

Sent on her fiancÚ's desire

To celebrate they are engaged.

This unexpected turnabout

Is doomed to come to a dead end:

Her human sweetheart's dead to shroud;

Her fiancÚ's avenged for that;

And she is punished for blood treason,

Banished into a mortal child,

Whose human body is a prison

For all her powers to bind.

Her memories obliterated,

She is to find her love at last

Who proves to be too much related

To the misfortunes from her past.

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