Kathryn Smith


I discovered vampires at an early age. I remember seeing Frank Langella play Dracula and immediately developed a crush. I used to beg my mother to allow me to watch the Dracula segment on a show called "Cliffhangers," and whenever the chance to read a vampire story fell into my lap, I grabbed it. So when my editor asked me, "How do you feel about vampires?" a few years back, I jumped at the chance to write about my own blood-thirsty heroes.

Series: The Brotherhood of Blood

  • Be Mine Tonight
  • Night of the Huntress
  • Taken by the Night
  • Let the Night Begin
  • Night After Night

Series: Nightmare Chronicles

  • Before I Wake
  • Dark Side of Dawn

Series: The Ryland Brothers (Regency Historical)

  • Elusive Passion
  • For the First Time
  • In Your Arms
  • In the Night
  • Still in my Heart

Series: Victorian Soap Opera

  • When Seducing a Duke
  • When Marrying A Scoundrel

Series: The Friends Trilogy

  • A Seductive Offer
  • A Game of Scandal
  • Into Temptation

Series: The MacLaughlins

  • Anna and the Duke
  • Emily and the Scot


  • Naughty of Nice
  • The Wedding Knight (Weddings from Hell)


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