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Bows down begging for forgiveness! Happy Birthday Nix!

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Well, I feel like a terrible friend and even worse Queenie. I missed my Nix's birthday yesterday! Well damn it, I can still wish her a Happy Birthday! If it weren't for people like me, Halmark wouldn't have anyone to sell their Belated Birthday cards to!

So, Happy Birthday to my dear friend Nix. The devil on my shoulder who never hesitates to nudge me in the direction of depravity. The one who has stood by and laughed evilly, encouraging me to let out my frustrations in a not so nice way. My friend who has finally forgiven my Anita Blake recommendation error and has allowed me to redeem myself with wicked sexy Alpha Male Navy Seals!

Nix my dear, what can I say? I couldn't do this everyday without you. You keep me laughing and sane. You're the only one I can talk to about where to hide bodies and proper tool disposal one minute and then talk about weird cults that live in the woods that buy all the milk in the next.

Some day we will meet and then holy hell in a care bear basket, the fun we will have!

Please forgive me and I hope you had a fabulous birthday!
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I told her on FB but I'll gladly do it again :) Happy Birthday NIX!!!

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Happy Birthday Nix!
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Happy birthday, Nix!! *hugs*
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Happy birthday, Nix :)
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Happy b day Nix!
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Happy Birthday Nix!!
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*wipes away a tear* That's so beautiful my queen, you're totally forgiven. Thank you everyone for your wishes, it's nice to know I'm loved. Now if y'all *winks at QPV* will excuse me, I'm gonna go buy more bleach, VKD lost her temper last night and the woodchipper got a workout again. I wonder if they sell bleach in industrial sized drums?
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Happy Late Birthday lol.
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Happy Belated birthday nix....:)

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