I said i would review this book... so here i go:

Book 2 of The Nightwalkers Series by Jacquelyn Frank
This book is just as good if not better than the first. It picks up 5 months after the first one ends, and it keeps all the characters from the first book in this as well as adding a few new ones. And they add onto the story line of the first one, so it is like you are just continuing thefirst book. (i know that is how series should be, but i have read alot that just keep a few details and characters the same and then change everything else)

if you read my review of the first book, Jacob, then you will knw that i didn't know if there was going to be a book about a vam... but there is, it is supposed to come out June 2008!!! You meet him in this book, he is the prince of Vampires. Also you meet the Queen of the Lycanthropes.

anyway... I highly reccomend this book, and i'll keep updating on the following books in the series as i go!

Link: http://www.jacquelynfrank.com/series.html