dark companionMaya DeLeina has been a favorite of mine since I read her Ambrose Heights Vampire series. Her recent release, Dark Companion, the first in the Vampire Architects Series, has simply escalated her must read status on my list of authors. The Vampire Architects are an elite group of vampires who have special abilities and are tasked with helping to save certain chosen souls from becoming the eternal property of those in the underworld. The leader, Dorian has the ability to sense which Architects will be used for each case, and also chooses which souls will be saved from their prophesied underworld destiny. For each case there is a Prophecy Keeper, a Tracker, and a Protector that will watch and learn everything about the person they are assigned to throughout their life, from birth to death.

For reasons unknown, Dorian has chosen to intervene in Isla’s destiny, to save her from becoming an eternal concubine to Cassian in the underworld. Joey is to be her Tracker, Ryker will be her Prophecy Keeper, and Warwick is given the important task of being her Protector. For 40 years the vampires have watched Isla and her prophecy until at last it’s time to intervene. Isla is about to be thrown into a world that she only thought existed in folklore and despite the rules set in place to protect the Prophecy, she and Warwick fall hard for each other. Warwick knows he’s made a mistake by letting an emotional connection come in to play and if he doesn’t erase all memory of himself from Isla, the prophecy will fail and they won’t be able to save her. Isla proves to be a special case and the Architects find themselves in unfamiliar territory.

Warwick is about as perfect as they come. He’s handsome, caring, and the things the man can do with an air mattress,…..have mercy! Isla, despite having her world turned upside down, remains a strong character, yet shows vulnerability which makes her a very realistic character that is easy to relate to. Dorian is a character I wanted to throw something at. He’s more the stereotypical vampire with his giant sense of superiority that makes him quite the asshole for lack of a better word. I have a feeling though, that there is something more to him that just hasn’t been uncovered yet. Joey and Ryker are equally intriguing and I hope to see them in their own books later in the series.

Maya DeLeina has a way with vampires that keeps her books fresh and exciting. With characters that are mysterious and sexy, yet humorous and real. The vampires in this series not only have unique abilities, but also have tools that they use that are technologically advanced which is not something you generally see paired with vampires. I can’t even begin to get into the sex in this book. It heats up very quickly and just doesn’t stop. Warwick and Isla both burn up the pages and all I can say is, where can I get some red scarves that can do THAT! (yeah, you’ll have to read the book to find out what “THAT” is.)  I gave Dark Companion 5 stars easily as I was enthralled from the beginning and flew through the pages just dying to know what would happen next. There was a large cliffhanger at the end and I cannot wait for Maya DeLeina to get the next book out so I can find out what they are going to do about Isla. Okay, I really can’t wait to get more of Warwick, but he’s just the icing on the cake of this great new series!


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June 6, 2014

Vampire Architects, Book One
Warwick, an Elite member of the Vampire Architects, was chosen as Isla Joseph’s Protector at the moment of her birth. Four decades later, he struggles to hide the love he harbors for his charge. When the time comes for her to learn of Warwick’s existence, lust is a beast he can’t contain, nor can Isla fight her instant attraction to this mysterious “stranger”. The pair comes together in a frenzied feast of flesh.

But their intimacy has consequences. Consequences for Isla, when she discovers her lover is a vampire…for the team of Architects, who are struggling to save her from a horrific future…for Warwick, when he’s forced to wipe every trace of himself from Isla’s memory.

Isla, Warwick and the Architects will soon discover love isn’t so easily erased. And while fate may have dark designs for Isla…destiny has other plans.

A Romantica® paranormal erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00029]Please join us in congratulating Sharon Kay on her new release Wicked Flames, the 3rd book in the Solsti Prophecy series.  Sharon has stopped by VRB to let us pry for a little while by answering some questions. Not only that, but Sharon didn’t stop there, she is also offering 2 very lucky readers a chance to win their own copies of Wicked Flames! Be sure to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway at the end of the interview. Now, without further ado, I give you Sharon Kay.


Hi Sharon! Welcome to Vampire Romance Books, I am happy you could join us and answer some questions for the fans!  Hello! I’m excited to be here today!

Let us start with the personal stuff *rubs hands together* Why don’t you tell us a bit about yourself, like where are you from or how do you feel about Lima beans.  Haha, I’ll pass on the Lima beans! I will accept truckloads of Oreos and gallons of black coffee, though. I live near Chicago and I love it – love all the seasons, even winter. Well, especially winter, and I seem to be in the minority around here!

When you aren’t writing what do you enjoy doing?  I have a young son, and we are having a blast right now doing all kinds of outdoor stuff together. Summers are short here, so we pack a lot of activities into these couple months!

If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be, and why?  Oh, this is so tough! I just created a Pinterest board called “Places I need to go” and it has over 100 pins already! Ok, let me think…My ideal vacation involves a tropical beach, so I’d say anywhere in the Caribbean, maybe the Virgin Islands.

*Wicked grin* Most embarrassing moment, or would you like to take a pass on that? Just kidding, we’re not going to let you take a pass.  Haha! I am a complete dork so I have LOTS of embarrassing moments. Hmm…once when I was fourteen, my best friend and I tried to bake a frozen pizza in my parents’ oven, and we put it in upside down!

OK, I am getting serious now. What inspired you to write, and why the paranormal genre?  I LOVE paranormal romance. It’s almost all I read, so creating characters with special powers came fairly easily. Any—this may sound weird—but my characters inspired me to write their story. I didn’t plan to write a novel…the story kind of found me, and kept me writing.

Are your family and friends supportive of your writing, have they read your books? They are all supportive, for which I am grateful! About half have read my books. The rest aren’t huge fans of “things that can’t happen in real life” as they put it. (Translation: They prefer non-fiction.)  And that’s fine. Everyone has their preferences.

For our readers who aren’t familiar with the Solsti Prophecy books, would you give them a summary? The Solsti are four women who each control one of the elements: Air, water, fire, and earth. They grew up thinking they’re human who happen to have unusual powers, until one night two of them run into a demon warrior. Their true lineage is revealed, and also the fact that they exist to fight an enemy yet unseen, but more powerful than anything in all the realms. As each woman’s powers grow, they work closely with the demon males (cue sparks and sizzle)! Oh, and the three sisters had a fourth sister, who died when she was very young…yet the Elders state that all four Solsti exist. But who and where is she? *grins* The series will have four novels when it’s complete.

What gave you the idea for the series?  The idea formed in my head one weekend a few years ago, out of the blue, and I HAD to start writing Wicked Wind. I couldn’t sit still until I did.

I am madly in love with the Lash Demon Kai from Wicked Waves. I think he should have been mine *winks*. Do you have a favorite character? If so, who is it and what do you love about them?  Hmm, Kai appreciates the extra attention! But I can’t pick one favorite! I seriously want to go to Demon Central and hang out with all of them. Maybe pick up some MMA-style self-defense moves from Brooke and Nicole.

You have just released Wicked Flames. What is next for you, and can we have a hint?  Next up this fall is my first novella, called Kissed By A Demon Spy. It’s about Garnet, a minor character from Wicked Waves. Her page time in the novel was minimal, but her significance was HUGE, and I never had a chance to explain what happened to her. Oh, and in January, I’ll release the fourth Solsti book! (And reveal where she has been all this time!)

What advice would you give to aspiring writers?  Remember it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Investigate the publishing industry, both traditional and indie, so that you’re as informed as you can be when you decide which direction to go. And most importantly, JUST WRITE if you have an idea that won’t be quiet. Don’t stop to edit until you’re done with the rough draft – just get those words on paper!

What do you feel are the most effective ways of promoting yourself and your books?  I find that having 99 cent sales is an effective tool, since we all love a deal. Also, emails targeted to those who want news about paranormal romance are helpful.

It seems as though social media is essential for any author or other businesses for that matter. How do you feel about social media?  Yes, social media is essential and also fun, but can take up a lot of time if we aren’t careful (cough *Pinterest* cough)! But I LOVE being able to connect with readers. You know, hearing about everyone’s favorite books, book boyfriends, movies, junk food, the weather…anything goes!

How can fans and new readers find you?  www.facebook.com/sharonkaynovels

Twitter – @sharonkaynovels

Pinterest – www.pinterest.com/sharonkaynovels

Email: sharonkay.novels@gmail.com

Where are your books available for purchase?  Wicked Wind will soon be an Amazon exclusive title. Wicked Waves and Wicked Flames are available on Amazon, B&N.com, Smashwords, Kobo, and iTunes

Is there anything you would like to add or say to your fans?  Just that you guys are the best, and I appreciate whenever you take time to leave me a comment or a review! Without you, this series wouldn’t have continued past the first book, so XOXO!

Sharon, thank you so much for stopping by VRB and talking to us. I wish you the best of luck with the release of Wicked Flames, and I hope you will visit with us again.  It’s been fun, thank you for having me!


Sharon photot shoot 048 crop2 (Large) (1)About Sharon

Sharon Kay writes award-winning fiction and can never get enough reading time. She loves

paranormal romance, with romantic suspense following close on its heels. She loves winter and

black coffee, and is endlessly inspired to write kick-ass heroines and the men strong enough to

capture their hearts.

Sharon lives in the Chicago area with her husband and son, and didn’t expect to write one book,

let alone a series. But WICKED WIND and the Solsti series formed in her head one weekend

and refused to stay quiet until she put pen to paper. Her characters tend to keep her up at night,

as they banter, fall in love, and slay endless varieties of power-hungry demons.

She loves to hear from readers! You can find her at:



Twitter: @sharonkaynovels

Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/sharonkaynovels

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Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00029]To say that Gin Bonham is stubborn may be the understatement of the century. She is a Solsti like her sisters Brooke and Nicole, but she wants nothing to do with her role. Nicole and Brooke have embraced their power and have chosen to follow their destiny. Gin sees her ability to manipulate fire as a curse, she doesn’t have time for demons and their problems; she wants a normal life helping humans. Mathias is a Lash demon with abilities as a hunter. He is also very gifted at persuasion, and it is his mission to get Gin on their side.

I enjoyed getting to know Gin’s character. In past books I think I really misjudged her. Aside from unconditional love for her sisters, I found her to be distant and maybe a bit selfish. As it turns out she is beautiful, witty, headstrong, and extremely intelligent. All that holds Gin back is fear. Mathias is a warrior and a hunter. He is sexy, dangerous, and completely charming. In the beginning he is all business, and perhaps a little harsh. I loved the way Gin wrapped this hardened hunter around her little pinky!

Sharon Kay is one of my must read authors now, and the Solsti Prophecy is one of my favorite series. Since the first novel Wicked Wind it seems like Kay can do no wrong! She reels you in with stories full of sex, passion, danger and excitement. Her writing is so detailed and imaginative, especially when she takes you from earth and into Torth. I can see the landscape of these unique and dangerous realms along with the various creatures vividly in my mind’s eye! Kay also gives us characters we care about, they never get old. It thrills me to see all of my favorites return and I want more! When I read the last page of Wicked Flame, I was so excited, because I knew there was more to come. In another sense I was losing my mind because Kay left with a twist in the tale, and I don’t know how long I can wait to see what’s next.

Every now and then a reader settles down into a series they hope will be around for a while. For me, this is one of those times. I don’t want the Solsti Prophecy to be over anytime soon. I also want Sharon Kay to send me a Lash demon to call my own!


Excerpt from Sharon Kay:

The distinct buttery smell of pecan instantly hit his nose. Gin stirred the hot chocolate with

cinnamon sticks, further intensifying the olfactory barrage.

“This smells way better than the Coffeehouse,” He walked up behind her, admiring the view

of her perfect ass in that tight little dress. Her hair hung long and loose down her back, and he

threaded his hands into it, wanting to touch every inch of her.

She sucked in a breath and turned to face him, eyes huge. Cradling one mug in her hands,

she offered it to him. “Taste.” Her voice was a strained whisper, a question and an offer


He toyed with the ends of her hair. “Not first on my tasting list, Ginger.”

Her pulse ticked frantically at the base of her throat, and her chest rose and fell with uneven

breaths. “Not…first…?”

He took the mug from her and set it on the counter. “No.” Fuck, she was so gorgeous,

standing here all dressed up for him. Dim light or sunlight, silk or jeans, she glowed with a fiery

sensuality. He planned to explore every nuance of her heat, starting when he was buried inside


Holding her hair to the side, he kissed her shoulder. Her arms slid up his shoulders to clutch

his biceps and a breathy moan escaped her.

Nipping, he moved to her collarbone. Her neck. Anywhere but her parted lips, where he

knew she wanted him. He wanted her pliant, defenseless, and begging.

She gave a full-body shudder and tilted her head.

Pliant, defenseless, begging. He gripped her hips and traced circles with his thumbs. “Can

you guess what’s at the top of that list?”

“Um…” She blinked, but couldn’t hide the hunger in her eyes. “List?” Her hands dropped to

grip the edge of the counter behind her.

He brushed his lips across her ear. “We’re gonna play a game.”

Her eyebrows raised. “What kind?”

“A guessing game.”

“Hmm.” She bit her lip. “Like twenty questions?”

“Only two questions.”

“What am I guessing?”

“I have something of yours.” He swept his hands up and down in the air in front of him. “On


Her mouth dropped. “What? When did you—? Where?” her eyes darted over his chest and

arms, and down to his open hands.

“You get two guesses. For each wrong guess, I kiss you.”

She folded her arms, pushing her breasts up and giving him a cock-hardening view of her

cleavage. “That doesn’t sound so bad. How do you know I won’t guess wrong on pur—”

“After two guesses, you have to find it. Without talking. And you have to keep your eyes

closed until you do.”

Her eyes widened. “What if I don’t find it?”

“You get spanked.”


Wicked Flames Playlist!

Hells Bells—AC/DC

Take you To Rio—Ester Dean

The Clairvoyant—Iron Maiden

Crazy Train—Black Sabbath

Angel of Harlem—U2

Cruel Summer—Bananarama

Marshmallow World—Dean Martin & Frank Sinatra

Baby Please Come Home—U2

Winter Wonderland—Bing Crosby


Kiss Off—Violent Femmes

Battlefield—Jordin Sparks

Adam is a half breed vampire trying to make his way as a VC warrior. He isn’t quite there yet, but he is so close he can taste it. Adam, Jill, and Steve are about to have the test that will decide their fates as warriors.  One thing that is keeping Adam from getting his head on straight and giving all of his attention to the rapidly upcoming test is his Angel. He wonders how Angelina could just stop loving him suddenly and marry another man. Adam’s friend Jill doesn’t buy the story and tries to convince Adam to go back and dig up the truth. What they dig up is going to not only impact half breeds, but also the purebloods, their mates, and humankind.

There has been a change in Adam since the last book that I can’t really find the words to describe. If I had to pick one I would call it maturity. He has learned to handle himself better, and he is beginning to really act like a warrior. I was glad to once again read about all of the warriors and their mates. All of the characters have become so familiar that over the last five books I have developed a fondness for all of them! A new and curious warrior is introduced in this book and his name is Jax Wheeler. I think this mysterious warrior is going to stir things up, and I am eager to see what he’s cooking!
Gabelman is still going strong with Adam. She has taken the suspense factor and turned it off the charts; something epic is on the horizon and Gabelman has my attention! The Protectors is another favorite series of mine. The development of all the characters is beautifully done, and the reader learns more about them with each book she writes. These stories are so easy to become wrapped up in, and I don’t think I will ever get enough! For all of the vampire lovers out there, if Teresa Gabelman isn’t on your radar hurry up and lock on! This sexy, bold, and exciting series is a must read!


Publication Date: June 22, 2014

Half-breed vampire, Adam Pride, has an almighty chip on his broad shoulders. Trying to move on after finding Angelina married to another, Adam has a decision to make. Remove the chip and move on or kill the man who took what he wanted most in the world, his Angel.

With his heart in pieces, Adam’s on a mission to become the best VC Warrior he can be. It’s not long before fate steps in, turning his world and life as he knows it upside down. Shocking revelations will realign allegiances and draw the VC Warriors onto a new path. This journey is not Adam’s alone. Every Warrior, half-breed and human will be affected by what is to come. The unknown awaits. The battle has just begun.

I am very excited to present the cover for Wicked Flames by Sharon Kay. Wicked Flames is the third book in the exciting Solsti Prophecy series. Release day is July 15th so be sure to mark it on your Calendars!

Join us here at VampireRomanceBooks.com on July 15th! Sharon Kay will be stopping by VRB for an interview, and we will be posting a review for the highly anticipated third book of the Solsti Prophecy series, Wicked Flames!

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(from goodreads.com)
Gin Bonham lives with a dark secret. Born with an ability she never wanted, she builds her life around science and logic, running from the terror she is capable of causing. When sexy stranger Mathias spots her on a dance floor and cuts in, he leads Gin in a sensual rhythm that continues long after the music stops. But Mathias hides the fact that he knows exactly what she can do: in the deepest recesses of her mind lurks the power to manipulate fire. Destiny is coming for her and it doesn’t care if she’s ready or not.

Mathias possesses tracking and espionage skills so extraordinary that his fellow Lash demons call him The Hunter. Pursue and interrogate. He never fails. When he is tasked with coaxing Gin to work with the Lash demons against a common enemy, he relishes the challenge. But meeting her awakens a new, primal drive that pulls him toward her even as his tactics break her heart.

Failing to win Gin’s cooperation is not an option. But she is determined to flee, putting thousands of miles between her and any other supernatural creatures, including Mathias. Can she cool the charred embers of her emotions enough to forgive Mathias and embrace what she was meant to become? Or will her ability explode into something more than she can control?

Eve, a former vampire hunter, cannot cope with her life as a vampire. She has refused to embrace any of the vampire ways, and that includes feeding. Her vampire father, Oneiric, has tried to help her but to no avail. He decides to send her to Oslo, to her sister Lilith and her mate Lincoln in the hopes they can help her come to terms with who she is. Tor is a hunter for the Vehemens bloodline, and it is his mission to escort Eve to her family. What he doesn’t know about is Eve’s need for revenge against the lover and partner who betrayed her, and is responsible for what she has become.

In the beginning of the story Eve did not seem like a strong character. She was overtaken by anger and fear that held her back. When she begins to form camaraderie with Tor she began to show some real moxie. I liked how she stood up for what was fair whether it was the accepted way or not. Tor is a cold and calculated hunter. He is Dangerous and devastating; the kind of leading male that makes you swoon and makes your knees go weak. Although he tries to keep his barriers up Eve has a way of tearing them down, giving readers a glimpse of the true man inside. He and Eve having been through similar circumstances they have an understanding and can truly relate to each other regardless of their stations in their bloodline.

Heaton thrilled me again with Hunger! I read the book cover to cover in one sitting. This story had a real intensity to it; a very emotionally charged read. Getting lost in the story I wanted to be the one in there getting swept off my feet! Heaton just continues to get better and better, just when you think she can’t take you any higher in the Vampires Realm she writes something to make you soar!

Publication Date: May 7, 2014
New York Times and USA Today Best-Selling Paranormal Romance Author Felicity Heaton presents:
Hunger (Vampires Realm Romance Series Book 8)

Betrayed by one of her own and turned into a vampire, hunter Eve is consumed by her hunger for vengeance and has spent five years surviving hell, driven to take the life of the man she once loved. But just as she is about to close in on the hunter-turned-vampire, an event is set in motion that threatens to see him slip beyond her grasp forever—the leader of her bloodline has sent an escort to bring her to the family’s mansion. To a nest of the very creatures she once hunted and loathes.

A vampire assassin hardened by centuries of service, Tor is a man of discipline and loyalty, never straying from his mission or the rules set out for him, and has purged all his weaknesses, including his emotions.
But the moment he meets the broken, fiery female he is to escort to Oslo, something dangerous awakens in him, something possessive and powerful, and when he is pulled into a deadly game of cat and mouse with the man who betrayed her, Tor discovers he will do anything to protect the woman slowly claiming his heart and give her the vengeance she desires—even break all the rules.

Can Eve embrace her new vampire nature in order to have her revenge and find a reason to live again in Tor? Can Tor and Eve stop the man who betrayed her and the deaths of thousands of innocents? Or will he succeed in creating a new army of hybrid vampires who will rise up against the purebloods?

Sophis’s life is being a guard for the Venia bloodline, and she can’t imagine being anything else. After a recent run in with a vampire hunter that nearly resulted in her death, Vivek, another guard and the one who trained her is trying harder than ever to have her removed from her position. Sophis doesn’t understand what has happened to Vivek over the last decade, they were friends and she felt they could be something more; now all she feels is his animosity. The two are sent on a mission together to scout for vampire hunters the night before the Creator Day masquerade ball. The seven vampire families will come together for two nights, and it is up to Vivek and Sophis to help with protecting the families. It is just unclear whether or not they can put personal feelings aside and work together.

As far as vampires are concerned neither Vivek nor Sophis are all that old. Having positions in the guard seems to be quite an accomplishment for both of them. They are similar in many ways, but the main thing is they are both very driven. There is also a lot of confusion on both sides where feelings for the other are concerned. Sophis is beautiful and brave, and Vivek is a dangerous and sexy alpha male. I was immediately taken with both characters.

Masquerade is one of my favorites of the series so far. I liked seeing some familiar characters as well as new ones. As usual Heaton takes you by the hand and pulls you into the world she created. Her world is a place of danger and excitement where passions and emotions run high. I for one cannot get enough! Vampire lovers sit up and take notice; you do not want to miss out on Felicity Heaton or her Vampires Realm!

Publication Date: November 24, 2013
New York Times and USA Today Best-selling paranormal romance author Felicity Heaton presents
Masquerade (Vampires Realm Romance Series Book 7)
Ten years have passed since Sophis and Vivek, two vampires of the Venia bloodline, came close to death at the hands of twin hunters Aleksis and Izabella Romanov. The events of that night turned Sophis and Vivek against each other, shattering their close friendship and driving them apart.
Now, on the eve of a centenary Creator Day masquerade and at a time when things between them are dangerously close to separating them forever, they uncover a small army of vampire hunters in Saint Petersburg, led by their nemeses, Aleksis and Izabella.
With the safety of the rulers of the seven pure vampire bloodlines in their hands and their chance for vengeance hanging in the balance, can Sophis and Vivek face their past and overcome their differences? Will they realise their true feelings for each other before it’s too late or will the hunters finally claim their lives as their deadly plot to destroy the bloodlines unfolds?

Nicolae is a lone wolf, after escaping the vampire clan who held him as a slave he made his way to Canada. Although there is another werewolf pack in the area, he feels more connected to the local pack of timber wolves. One night while running with the wolf pack he comes upon a group of hunters, and then stumbles upon the scent of blood. He finds what he thinks is a woman, but soon realizes she is vampire. His feelings are at war, he doesn’t know if he should let her perish or save one of the kind that enslaved him.

My heart broke for Nicolae, he lost so much went through atrocities that cannot be imagined, and now lives a life of solitude. Tatyana, the vampire that Nicolae saves isn’t without loss. She seeks to find the hunters who killed her sire. She has always felt weak, and like she didn’t belong. Even though she has these feelings she remains loyal to her family.

Hunter’s Moon is more of a romantic story than some of the others in the series. Heaton pairs two souls who seek solace from their loneliness. The love between vampires and werewolves is forbidden, but Nicolae and Tatyana look past this and listen to what is in their hearts. Heaton wrote what I think is a beautiful love story.

Hunter’s Moon has the ability to be a standalone book, but it fits nicely into the Vampires Realm series. I am a huge Felicity Heaton fan, and paranormal lovers won’t want to miss out on reading all of the Vampires Realm books.

Publication Date: November 24, 2013
New York Times and USA Today Best-selling paranormal romance author Felicity Heaton presents
Hunter’s Moon (Vampires Realm Romance Series Book 6)
The horror of the night he failed to save his werewolf pack from the cruelty of their vampire masters has haunted Nicolae for one hundred years, driving him deep into the Canadian wilderness in search of peace. That peace is threatened when unfamiliar hunters and the scent of blood lead him to a beautiful woman and a hard decision—face his past and help her or risk losing everyone he cares about again.
Bearing a heart filled with grief and with vengeance on her mind, Tatyana is intent on killing the hunters she’s tracking and returning to her vampire bloodline, but her plan didn’t include being shot with poisoned arrows or rescued by a glowering alpha werewolf who stirs forbidden hunger in her.
When the hunters make their move, will Nicolae be able to stop them before it’s too late? Will he be able to overcome the darkness in his heart and embrace his desire for a vampire? And can Tatyana face her fears and risk her life for the sake of forbidden love?

Brooke is a Solsti that controls the element of water. After her sister Nicole meets and mates with the Lash Demon Gunnar Brooke agrees to  hone her skills with Nicole, and Rilan, the leader of the watchers.  Kai is one of the watchers who live at the mansion that has affectionately become known as demon central. He is attracted to Brooke at first site, but the two strong personalities do not mesh at all. Now they have been sent on a quest, and must rely upon each other to make it home alive. They soon realize maybe they don’t dislike each other after all!

Brooke is a beauty who is every bit as powerful as her Solsti sister Nicole. The sisters have a bond that cannot be broken, not because they are Solsti, but because they are family. Kai has had everything taken from him. He has lived a life that was beyond brutal, and he got a chance to belong when he became a watcher. Both characters are tough and persistent, and oh so sexy!

Sharon Kay has made a fan out of me with her fast paced storytelling. Wicked Waves is exciting and edgy as well as erotic. The first two Solsti novels are just about as close to perfection as you can get! Wicked Waves is sultry with a huge element of danger and peril, and although you are on the edge of your seat the whole time you are reading the novel is fun!

So far the Solsti Prophecy books have been pure enjoyment for me. I am waiting with bated breath for the third book to arrive. If you haven’t checked out this supernatural gem yet I must ask, “What are you waiting for?”



Publication Date: January 17, 2014

Making daggers out of raindrops is only the tip of the iceberg for Brooke Bonham. As one of four women who can control the elements, her ability to manipulate water packs a deluge of potential. Eager to learn more, she’s frustrated at the precautions she must take to avoid the wrong kind of attention on Earth.

Kai’s duties as a Lash demon have kept him busy on Earth for nearly two hundred years. Fighting? He was born to do it. Females? They’re drawn to him. And Earth? The perfect place for him to avoid supernatural bounty hunters.

For all Nicole knew she was a human, just a human with a unique ability. Nicole has the power to command the wind, manipulating it to her will. Her sister Brooke has a gift of her own. One night they use their special abilities and their martial arts experience to save a woman, and this begins their mission of vigilante saviors.  Gunnar is a Lash Demon, a watcher, who witnesses Nicole’s power and is immediately drawn to the beautiful young woman. Nicole learns about things she never imagined existed from the sexy demon, she also never imagined the red hot desire she would harbor for him.

Nicole is an awesome kick ass heroine. She and her sisters have been through more in their short years than anyone should have to endure, and yet they hold strong and positive. Her bravery in the face of danger is astounding. Gunnar oozes alpha sex appeal. He is a warrior, and a protector, to be reckoned with. He has had a tortured past and now resides with other watchers taking care of dangerous paranormal creatures on earth and other realms.

I loved this novel! Kay has written a very intriguing story full of adventure and blinding hot passion. I appreciated her writing style. Her consideration to detail illustrated a world that the reader becomes hopelessly lost in. This was one of those books that I did not want to end. After the last page my mind screamed for more.

Paranormal lovers grab your TBR list and add Sharon Kay’s Wicked Wind to it!  The book is chock-full of every supernatural being you can imagine, and quite a few you can’t! This smart and seductive novel gets the Solsti Prophecy series off to a great start!


Publication Date:January 20, 2014

Born with the ability to command the wind, Nicole Bonham dispenses her own brand of vigilante justice in Chicago’s worst neighborhoods. Stealth and surprise are always on her side.

Lash demon Gunnar prowls Earth and several supernatural realms to help maintain peace among the immortal species. His chance encounter with Nicole creates a hurricane of sparks between them, and he won’t rest until she is his.

They race to solve a series of supernatural attacks in the city. Nicole’s true identity brings the attention of the crazed demon behind them, even as her passion for Gunnar binds them together, body and soul.

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