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Tracy Cooper-Posey aka Teal Ceagh Interview

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November 24th, 2010


Tracy is the award winning author of over 30 titles. Tracy also writes steamy erotic novels under the name Teal Ceagh.

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Release Date: November 24th , 2010

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Publishing

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Congratulations on the 2nd book in the Time Crossed Love series that comes out today (the 24th) Kiss Across Swords. What other exciting things are happening with you now?

Thank you.  I’m thrilled about the release of Kiss Across Swords.  It was such a pleasure to dip back into the lives of Brody, Veris and Taylor.  It’s not often a romance author gets that chance, as sequels usually feature other characters as the main heroes and heroines.  But this book was written in response to reader and reviewer feedback for more on these characters in particular, so more they got.  It was hardly a chore – the characters were so strong and had endless depth to them, it was very easy to extend their stories.


When can we expect the next book in the Time Crossed Love series “Kiss Across Chains” to come out?

Ellora’s Cave don’t have an extended calendar, so I can’t give you a release date for the third book, I’m afraid.  But it is coming!  If Kiss Across Swords can be said to be “Veris’ story” the Kiss Across Chains is Brody’s story, and I promise it will be worth the wait.  There are other stories in the series shaping up in my mind, including possibly one for Alexander, which you meet in Kiss Across Swords


I loved the couple in the Time Cross Love series as well as the Guardian Bonds characters. Are there any new Teal Ceagh series in the works?

I don’t have any formalized new series in mind – finishing those I already have going is a challenge when combined with my Tracy Cooper-Posey commitments.  I also have the Destiny’s Trinities  [7]series [7], too, which although it is “complete,” I’m getting a lot of feedback from readers saying that a final tale that rounds up loose ends would be appreciated, and I’m roughing out ideas on how such a book might go for that.

But I do have several ideas for series floating around that I haven’t actually shaped into fully fledged outlines yet. I’m letting them percolate for now.  By the time I’m done with all the series and etc. that I have on my plate, they’ll be ready to pour.


With all the books you have written, how do you decide which series to continue?

Reader interest has a lot to do with it.  My royalties used to be a direct measure of that, but e-book pirates take such a bite out of royalties these days, royalties aren’t such a good measure any more.  Reader feedback and reviews are another yardstick I use.

Plus, to a certain degree if I just plain like writing a series, I will, so long as the readers are enjoying it.  There’s no point in both us torturing each other!  <grin>


For someone that hasn’t read any of your books, with which would you suggest they start?

Oh lordy!  That’s a tough question to answer. 

My Teal Ceagh books are the hottest of hot erotic paranormal and urban fantasy romance, featuring MMF menage sex scenes and romance storylines.  If you’re new to my stuff AND new to the erotic romance genre and that last bit left you blinking at the acronyms, you might want to read my articles on MMF and MM erotic romances:

The MMF Thing…How to Get It [8]

MM and MMF – Let’s Try Again. Why Do Women Like Men Who Like Men? [9] [9]-

After that, if you want to ease yourself into my Teal Ceagh stuff gently, with the shorter novellas, perhaps try Eva’s Last Dance  [10] , a Paranormal romance with no MMF or MM.  Or you could jump straight into a series – Guardian Bonds –which starts with  Carson’s Night [11].  This one would be a nice way to warm yourself up for MMF romances, too, because the second book in the series, Beauty’s Beasts [12] does have an MMF romance in it, and you get to meet the two heroes from the second book in Carson’s Night.

If the degree of heat doesn’t bother you at all, then you might simply want to start at the beginning of my published titles and work your way through them all.  There’s a list of all my Teal Ceagh titles, in published order, on my site, here [13].

I’ve also very recently added a new page to my site of books-by-category, which sorts all my books by every category I could think of that readers might care about.  This page includes my Teal Ceagh titles, and you might find it useful for sorting out what Teal Ceagh book you want to read first [14].


Did you find your readers surprised that you were the sexy MMF writer, Teal Ceagh?

Yes!  <grin>  And I thought it was the world’s worst kept secret.  I  “came out” as Teal Ceagh in December 2009, after six months of leading a double life as Tracy Cooper-Posey and Teal Ceagh, running two email accounts, two Facebook accounts, two everything, and mixing them up at least a handful of times and – I thought – giving myself away over and over again.

I hated the double life and having to look people in the eye and play innocent, when I thought for sure they knew it was me and that they were just playing along.  It was agonizing.  So I stepped out, largely to simplify my life and get the agony out of it.  And I was fully prepared for everyone to wave their hand at me and go “Oh, we knew all along, Tracy.  Great, can we get back to business now?”

But everyone was completely dumbfounded.

Which made me feel guilty all over again.

There was the odd few people who nodded and went “yup, knew it!”because I really had given myself away a few times.  But mostly people had to pick themselves up off the floor.  Or their jaws.  It was an interesting few days.


What is the biggest difference between your Tracy Cooper-Posey books and your Teal Ceagh books?

Teal writes paranormal and urban fantasy romances.

Tracy writes primarily romantic suspense, and then some historical and contemporary romances.

That’s the biggest difference.

After that, there’s a difference in the degree of sexual “heat” in the novels I write under each name, but it’s not a cut and dried matter…

Teal writes the hottest of everything I do, absolutely.  But the erotic romances I write as Tracy Cooper-Posey have steadily grown “hotter” over the years as the expectations of the industry and readers have expended.  They’re just not as “hot” as Teal’s.  They’re what the industry calls “boiling plain vanilla.”  There’s no MMF or MM, but there’s toys and anal sex and some light BDSM…I keep pushing the envelope even for my Tracy Cooper-Posey novels.

But I also do “non-erotic” romance novels under Tracy Cooper-Posey – or what the romance industry calls “sensual” novels.  But even before there was an erotic romance industry, I had a reputation for writing hot romances.  So my non-erotic romances are often described as “compelling reading” and so forth.  There are more than a couple of award winners among them.


What is your opinion of paper books vs. e-books when you’re reading?

As a reader, I’ve been reading almost 100% ebooks for a decade.  I’ve been reading on my Palm Pilot and my cellphone up until last year when I got a Sony eReader for Christmas.  Even now I find I still read just as often on my Blackberry cellphone as I do the eReader, because I have the cellphone with me all the time, and I have to remember to take the eReader with me in order to read on the go.

I get through a mountain of reading, when I read electronically, because I squeeze reading into the cracks and margins of my day.  I read standing in line waiting, I read when I have three minutes to spare. I usually don’t have big chunks of time to read anymore, so reading electronically and being able to carry huge amounts of reading with me everywhere I go makes it more possible I get my reading done these days.  I woudn’t, otherwise.

I am a huge, biased proponent of e-reading and always have been – long before I became e-published in 2000.  It just seemed to make sense to me.  I was writing and reading on my computer screen and have been converting myself over to pixels for decades.  But I don’t try to preach or shove it down people’s throats.  Readers have to find their own way.  There are readers out there who will never ever read electronically because they simply refuse to consider it.  That’s their prerogative.  Reading is supposed to be an enjoyable past time.  If you’re so wound up about being “forced” to read electronically, you’re not going to enjoy the story.  So read paperbacks. 

However, I will say to those who are on the fence about reading electronically, who think it feels “funny”, that ten pages into the story, you’ll forget you haven’t got an actual book in your hands.  You’ll be so lost in the story, it’ll be just like every other novel you’ve ever read.

I still have a small mountain of paperbacks,too, as they are simply not available in e-book, but I suspect that is all about to change in the next few years as the trend is shifting rapidly.  The rest of the world is catching up with me!

Several years ago – even before the boom in e-readers began, I wrote an article about e-reading v’s paperbacks.  It is still one of the more popular articles on my site.  If you’re interested, you can find it here [15].   


How do you feel the boom in e-readers has changed the industry for writers?

There have been massively good and some bad changes for writers.  The e-book industry has provided careers and livelihoods for more than one writer, including me, especially in the early days.  When the mid-list collapsed in the traditional New York publishing halls, a lot of those authors found incomes in e-books, too. 

The boom in e-readers, however, popularized ebooks in a way that brought New York publishers into the e-book field and the attention of more traditional readers.  This is both good and bad.  The traditional readers tend to be less experimental in their buying habits, so they won’t pick up new authors as easily as readers who have been buying titles from e-book publishers for the last decade.  So these readers will stick with the “big” name authors issued from New York publishers.  The “safe” authors (in their minds).  You can already see this trends happening on Amazon, where the top selling ebooks are all released by New York publishing houses.

On the other hand, the positive side of the boom means greater acceptance of e-publishers amongst traditional readers.  So there is a spill over effect for sure.  Some of those traditional readers will drift over and start exploring.  The industry is melding.  Already, Dorchester Publishing, a New York publisher, has shifted from paperback to pure, 100% e-book publishing only. I find this exciting and fascinating and look forward to seeing where the industry will be in five years time.  I don’t think anyone really knows for sure.


If you could be one of your characters for a day, who would you be and which character(s) would join you?

If I’m limiting myself purely to Teal Ceagh characters, then the choice is dead easy.  Taylor Yates from KISS ACROSS TIME and KISS ACROS SWORDS.  Then I get to live with Brody and Veris.  <sigh>. 

Oh, but wait.  I wouldn’t mind being Riley, either, from BEAUTY’S BEASTS, because then I get to live with Damian and Nicholas, two thousand-year-old vampires…

Ugh, I really have to choose? Because I could stand being Mia from MIA’S RETURN for a day, too – she got Alexander and Wyatt (a really built demon hunter and a red-haired, blue-eyed vampire with a conscience).  But there’s Sera, too, from SERA’S GIFT, who ended up with the delicious police lieutenant, Blake Harvey, and the scarred, cynical, rebellious Diego Savage.

No, no, I think in the end, I’d settle for being Taylor Yates and having Brody and Veris for a day.  Those two vampires are simply too good to pass up.  Older than sin, strong, deep, dark, edgy, powerful, and so incredibly vulnerable when you find their weak emotional spots, which they cover up with amour-plated male ego at all times except when love pushes the plating aside.  How could I resist?


If you could take 3 of your characters from your Tracy Cooper-Posey books and write them a hot Teal Ceagh story, who would you choose?

Hmmm….  Knee-jerk answer, primarily because it’s the last Tracy book I wrote.  But these are three of my favourite characters anyway.  Colonel Eduardo (Duardo) Santiago Peña y Santos, Nicolás Escobedo (Nick), a.k.a el leopardo rojo (The Red Leopard), and Daniel Castle Alejandro Castellano y Medina a.k.a “Nemesis”.  These three heroes are all from my Guns ‘n Lovers [16]series [16]  and I can easily see them fitting into a Teal Ceagh novel somewhere.  They’re the sort of men who take life by the horns and shake the hell out of it, so yeah, they’d probably fit right in!  And…mmm…a menage featuringtwo or even all of them?  Oh baby!!


Who are some of your favorite authors to read?

Got a few hours?  I’m a very eclectice reader, and range widely in and out of the romance field.  Charlaine Harris, Laurell K. Hamilton, Lora Leigh, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Ann Jacobs, Joey W. Hill, Jaci Burton, Desmond Bagley, William Shakespeare, JRR Tolkein, Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein, Neville Shute, John Wyndham, Mary Stewart, Susan Cooper, T.H. White, Peter Hamilton


Do you have a certain writing style? Do you sit down and write all day or just write a little here and there?

I love being able to sit down and write all day long.  Unfortunately, that rarely happens. Mostly I write in small chunks here and there.  I have a very powerful desktop computer, and a small netbook computer that I’ve set up to talk to each other as long as the netbook has Internet access.  They keep my files synchronized and updated, and keep me organized and tell me what to do next. 

I take the netbook with me everywhere I go, and it’s about half the size of your average file folder, so it’s easy to cart all over the place. So I can write pretty much wherever I find myself, as long as there’s WIFI, or even if there isn’t, and my files have been updated. 

I’ll take ten, or even five minutes if someone will let me.  That’s two or three sentences.  It’s progress.  And it keeps my head in the book.  I’ve chipped away at whole novels that way.  The netbook is small enough I’ve even held it in one hand in a long line-up, and tapped at the keyboard with the other hand. I wasn’t going to waste the precious time, and there was WIFI…  I can be utterly relentless about line-ups.  I hate them.


What was the hardest part about getting published? Any suggestions for new authors?

My two favourite sayings about the publishing business…well, about life, I guess:

You haven’t failed until you quit.

You never know what’s around the corner.

The hardest part about getting published, I found, was loss of faith in yourself.  It’s tough on the ego and you really can’t afford to invest personally in the rejections, because they’re not meant personally.  You have to remember that even though your book is your precious baby to you, the rest of the publishing world considers it a commodity. Adopt that attitude when you get the rejections. 

Always have more than one submission or query out there, so that the latest rejection doesn’t sting so much.  Aim to have about five out at all times.  It cushions the blow and then you don’t feel like a total loser.  You instantly jump to “well, perhaps one of the other four….”

And immediately go to your desk and start writing.

Only after twenty-four hours have passed should you dare to start analysing if there is any merit in any feedback you got for a rejection.  Often, there isn’t.  Do NOT rework your books for another publisher based on rejects.  Editors will give any reason they can think of to reject a novel, and often they lie.  Only if you get a one or two page carefully worded critique, or a long phone call…something that indicates the editor cares, should you start to pay attention to the feedback.  One line rejects should be ignored.  Or burned in effigy as a means of venting.

And do not, do not, do not, once you have sent a book out on submission, sit around waiting for a response.  Ever.  Get on with the next book, the next submission, the next whatever.  Forget about the masterpeice you just submitted.  It now officially doesn’t exist – not until you hear back.  Move on.  Create something else.  Or you’ll tie yourself up in knots and die.  The publishing industry moves at the speed of treacle in winter.  The advertised six week deadlines are gross underestimations and I’m being kind.   Turtles on Ritalin would outstrip the publishing industry on their better days.  So don’t wait.

Good luck!


What is your proudest moment as a writer?

I’ve had a few, so it’s hard to narrow it down to just one.  Perhaps the most emotional moment for me was when I won the RomanticCon 2009 Superstar Award for the “Most Erotic Use of a Chocolate Chip Cookie” for Ningaloo Nights.  It came out of left field for me.  And having cover model Rodney Chatman sashay across the room and kiss and hug me and hand over the award was the icing on the cake, too!


What do you do for fun when you aren’t writing?

Lots of things, but Mark (my husband) and I love attending the reader conventions – Romantic Times and RomantiCon in particular.  Also, I spend time being “Mrs. Intensity” – my husband is a professional wrestler, and his stage name is “Mr. Intensity.”  So I attend events in my home town and any promotional events organized.


Thank you again for taking the time to answer some questions for VampireRomanceBooks.com.  Is there anything you’d like to say to the readers?

Thanks for swinging by and visiting.  If you’d like another opportunity to win a book, you might be interested in subscribing to my newsletter, too.  You get two free books when you subscribe, and there’s a contest every month.  This month’s contest has been designed to celebrate the launch of KISS ACROSS SWORDS. Join now and you could be in the running to win a copy of KISS ACROSS TIME and a $15 Amazon Gift Card.  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TracyCooperPosey/ [17] 

There’s also a ton of articles and more about my books on my site:  http:tracycooperposey.com. [1]



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