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Tessa Dawn Interview

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February 18th, 2011

Tessa Dawn





Latest Release




Release Date: November 23rd, 2010

Publisher: Charles River Press

VampireRomanceBooks.com review of Blood Destiny [5]

The Questions

Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for the readers at VampireRomanceBooks.com.  

You’re welcome.  Thanks for having me.


Congratulations on the successful release of Blood Destiny.  Anything else new and exciting happening in your life right now? 

 Thank you – and not really.  I’ve just been working really hard on the series and trying to keep up with day to day life.


For those that haven’t read Blood Destiny yet, could you tell us a little about it?

It’s a story about an ancient curse playing out in modern times: 

The hero is a Master Warrior (vampire) who has recently lost his brother as a result of the Curse, and his entire family is grieving. The heroine is an agent of Homeland Security who thinks she is going to Dark Moon Vale to investigate a dangerous cult, hoping to prevent the use of human trafficking victims as pagan sacrifices. 

Little does she know, she is about to come in contact with something altogether different: a world of shadows where enemies lurk around every corner and betrayal wears a familiar face. 

Before it’s over, both the hero and the heroine will be forced to face some very hard truths, forge new loyalties, and learn to survive in a world where human laws just don’t apply.


Blood Destiny is such a fantastic beginning to the Blood Curse series. Did you begin Blood Destiny with a series in mind or just plans for the one book?

Thank you. I knew I was going to write a series before I planned Blood Destiny, and I actually started with the history, the world-building, and the creation of all the main characters before I plotted the first book.


The Blood Curse series concept is quite unlike most of the vampire romance books that are out today, what was your inspiration behind it?

  Well, I really wanted to do something different. I wanted to step outside of the commonly expected boundaries and rethink these mythical creatures:  Where do vampires come from, and what makes them the way they are?

Many years ago, I watched a documentary on an ancient civilization that worshipped males as deities; they also sacrificed females to “the gods” until they went extinct!  (Brilliant, huh?) I have to admit, the documentary had such a profound impact on me that I never forgot about it. When I envisioned the series, it just seemed like the perfect fit. 


With so many powerful (and if I might add sexy) characters, how or why did you choose to focus on Nathaniel to kick off the series?

Ah, yes.  Hope it’s okay to sigh during an interview.  I wanted book one to simply tell the story of the Vampyr and the Curse: to introduce the reader to the modern day implications of what happened so many years before.  Nathaniel seemed like the right character for such an introduction: He’s fairly representative of the house of Jadon as a whole.


I loved Marquis’ character and can’t wait to read his story. Who is your favorite from the House of Jadon? Or Jaegar if you prefer the bad boys.

  First, I have to say this: Anyone who prefers a male from the house of Jaegar is pretty…twisted!  LOL. Those are some evil, evil dudes.  As for my favorite from the house of Jadon? Well, I definitely have one, and I’ve known it from the moment I wrote down his name.  That said, I’ve been keeping it a secret because I don’t want to influence my writing or what the readers see.  I think I’m going to do some sort of contest at some point: let folks guess based on a series of clues…


With your degree in Psychology and background in criminal justice and mental health, do you feel that has helped you develop such strong yet emotionally deep characters?

 Yes, absolutely!  I think there are aspects to the series that are deeply troubling…emotionally.  But they’re also deeply accurate.  I don’t judge or decide when it comes to my characters; once they come to life, I let them be.  Sometimes I laugh; sometimes I cry; sometimes I cringe – and need to take a break.  A lot like life.


When you aren’t busy writing, what do you like to do?

 I love to read, watch movies, listen to music (I sing way too loud in private), enjoy nature as much as possible, and spend time with my kids.


Who are some of your favorite authors?

  I am positively in awe of JR Ward and I adore Karen Marie Moning.


Blood Destiny is available in both ebook and print version. Do you feel that it’s important for an author or publisher to have both versions available?

  Yes, I do.  While there are a lot of kinks that still need to be worked out with electronic books, technology is barreling forward with or without our consent.  I want readers to have an option, and I never want cost to be a barrier to one of my books.  I’m hoping to expand to audio soon.


Do you have a preference between ebook and print when you’re reading?

  Well, I’m an old fashioned lover of books.  I could live in a Barnes & Noble store: I love the look, smell, and feel of books, and I buy entirely too many (far more than I can possibly read).  So I will always prefer the real thing, but…my Kindle gets quite a work out.


In your blog, you write about Dark Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, or Paranormal Romance: Does a label matter? [6]  At many of the larger book stores there are sections with very specific “labels”, yet where one store will have an author under Urban Fantasy another store may have the same author under Romance. Do you find that all the labeling has created a sort of tunnel vision with readers and has hindered them from discovering new authors/series?

Yes.  I think labels matter because they help the reader with selection (if you don’t like physical intimacy, avoid romance; if you wince at anything horror, don’t read dark fantasy, etc). But they do make it difficult for those of us who write cross-genre or in several genres at once.  I have learned to go to the sci-fi/fantasy section of the bookstore as well as the romance and paranormal sections in order to find some of my favorite authors; I may begin to look in the horror section as well.


I would like to thank you again for taking the time to answer the questions for VRB. Is there anything you’d like to add or say to the readers?

  Well, first I’d like to thank you for inviting me; it’s been a pleasure.  And to my readers: There just aren’t enough words to convey how much your support, encouragement, and enthusiasm have meant to me.  I write because I LOVE the world of dark fantasy  fiction, and knowing that there are kindred spirits out there who share in the joy, passion, and co-creation of these fantasy worlds makes it that much richer!  My readers mean the world to me!  

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