Review: Midnight Cocktail (Blood:Lust Book 1)
Posted 07.26.15 by Teresa D.

Midnight Cocktail is the first book in the Blood Lust series, a vampire erotica series.   It follows the life of Lana, who is a first generation vampire.

Lana has a very strong personality. She is gorgeous, sarcastic, and a total bad ass. She is the type to do anything she wants just because she wants to. Her character is definitely one who is out for her own pleasure, and to hell with anyone who gets in the way. Her companion’s name is Cherry, a newly turned virgin vampire. In many ways Cherry is the one thing Lana puts above herself.

The first half of the book was pretty much the developing relationship between Lana and Cherry, with a lot of sex.  The second part of the book was more exciting than the first in my …

Janna Lawson is in search of Jonah McCall, the man her late mother loved and died for. When she walks into the town of Beattyville she runs up against alpha wolf Garrett Foster, and the little half she wolf has no idea what she’s up against.

Janna’s character is resourceful, determined, and spunky. This young woman oozes attitude, and if she expects to stand up to Garrett she will need it in spades. Garrett is all alpha male, as the leader of his pack; he exudes power and demands respect. His protective and possessive nature is sexy as hell and I couldn’t get enough of him. Aside from the two main characters there are others the reader will be excited to learn more about!

I am a huge fan of Gabelman’s Protectors series, where the …

Primal Instinct is an excellent debut to the Pendragon Gargoyles Series by Sydney Somers.  The first chapter was probably one of the best opening chapters I’ve ever read.  It was tight.  You could tell the author had tweaked it until she had it just right.

Chapter one introduces us to Cori, a woman having a rough time because she thinks she is going crazy.  In the evenings, she goes out on her balcony and confides in her neighbor,  Ryder, a man she has never seen because of the wall between balconies.  Regardless, the two have an intimate and emotional connection.  The dialogue is excellent.

Ryder has an involved and dark past.  He is a wolf gargoyle who turns to stone during the day.  He initially set out to meet Cori as part of his efforts to get revenge …

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