The Unleashing (Call of the Crows #1)
Posted 06.28.15 by Teresa D.

Kera is retired from the military. She served her country, and now she works in a coffee shop. One night, she is taking out the garbage and is stabbed behind the shop. She remembers seeing a regular customer showing up on the scene, but it is too late, or so she thinks.


The Unleashing is an interesting take on Norse Mythology in a modern day setting. Vig had visited the coffee shop for months just to get near Kera. He is crushed when he sees what happens to her, and he intervenes. She comes back as a member of the Crows harbingers of death meant to keep balance. I found it all a little confusing in the beginning, but I imagine the main character was feeling much the same way. Initially I had a …

Blood Will Freeze is an expansion of the short story titled the same. In the year 2012 an asteroid hits Earth plunging the world into darkness and allowing vampires to thrive. The world is divided into three kingdoms with three separate vampire rulers. In this post apocalyptic world humans are slaves. Nothing more than sheep used to keep vampires fed. One human is different, born with free will and steward to the ruler of the America’s, his name is Michael.


I was excited to see Blood Will Freeze turned into a full length novel. The reason is Michael. His character really struck a chord with me. This young man on the outside appears to be nothing more than a slave. Alixandra, the Queen of the Americas is taken with him, and that seems to …

Review: Dark Muse (Chateau Seductions #2)
Posted 06.28.15 by Teresa D.

Les Beaux Arts on DeRoche island is a secluded art colony where artists of all types can work on their craft. Gina had been on the island for a short while so she can paint. She is an extremely shy girl who would rather be out of the limelight. Dante has found success as a musician in a known band, but after things soured between band mates he craved the island seclusion to make his own music. When Gina works up the nerve to ask Dante if she can paint him, he becomes enamored with the young woman. However, he carries a secret that could keep them apart.


Gina is likeable and sweet. Though to others her shyness may make her seem standoffish. Her attraction to Dante slowly starts to bring her out of …

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Blood Destiny
Tessa Dawn

The new Blood Curse series will have you begging for more!

Darkness Dawns
Dianne Duvall

Sinfully Seductive Immortal Guardians

Scott Prussing

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Shifting Currents

Lissa Trevor


Genre: Erotic Paranormal


Publisher: LooseID


eISBN – 9781623001667



Number of pages: 191

Word Count: 60,000


Cover Artist: April Martinez


Book Description:


After the meteorite wiped out civilization and most of the population, it took thirty years to scrabble together rudiments of society again. Sex is the main currency, for those who haven’t mutated special abilities.


Bethany, a Tech, is able to channel electricity through her body and charge up electronics. When …

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