shadowpassionMarek Strigoi and his family have moved on to America, New Orleans to be exact. Marek may have found success in the 21st century, but he has not forgotten his need for revenge against Mercea Ravagiu, the vampire who inflicted so much pain on Marek and his family.


Marek,  who has literally been to hell and back, never ceases to amaze me. He moves to a new country, and learns the ways of the people. He opens Stryker’s, which has become one of New Orleans’ top restaurants.  He is very intelligent and has an ability to blend into his surroundings making it hard to believe he has been around for more than one lifetime. I’m fascinated with Marek, because through the series I’ve seen many sides of him. He can be hard or tender; he blends into modern society, and yet retains an old world charm.


Vissage has a talent for bringing a story to life through vivid imagery, and creating intriguing characters. He pays great attention to detail, and he doesn’t rush the story. There are also enough twists in the story to keep the reader captivated.
If you are interested in reading Marek’s story know these aren’t stand alone novels. You need to start from the beginning, because you are following the character’s history over a vast period of time. I give Shadow Passion 4 stars.


New Orleans welcomes its newest inhabitants when the Strigoisti come to town.


Now owners of Stryker’s, the Big Easy’s latest and most trendy restaurant, vampire Marek Strigoi and family continue their search for their father’s killer with the assistance of the city’s aventurieri leader.


The post-Katrina atmosphere seems peaceful enough, but looks can be deceiving. An old flame from Marek’s past appears with startling news. There’s a love affair for Dan when the Strigoi cousin at last makes his sexual choice. The Southern sectiuna believes Marek’s the vampire savior…and there’s Maggie, a lovely redhead who’s eerie familiar though Marek swears they’ve never met.


Even more dangerous forces are at work in New Orleans’ bayous as Mircea Ravagiu enlists human thralls to destroy his enemies, and targets Dan as his first victim.


The Strigoisti are now in the Twenty-first Century and they’ve brought their Nineteenth Century desire for revenge with them.


Is New Orleans ready for a storm of another kind?


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