LegendsElizabeth and Melinda are identical twins attending their senior year of college. Elizabeth is the more reserved twin, but her life begins to change when her eyes meet those of a handsome stranger, and there is something about him that draws her in a way she has never experienced.


Elizabeth is beautiful, but in no way vain. She is intelligent, innocent, and a little naive.  Prophecy brought Emrys in search of Elizabeth, and when he saw her he knew she was meant to be his.  He is a traditional  man who possess intelligence and charm. I liked Melinda and Elizabeth’s best friend Fiona as well. Melinda is like Elizabeth in many ways, except she is slightly more outspoken and experienced.  Fiona is more like Elizabeth in her thoughtfulness.


Legend states  there is a party every ten years is for a clan of vampires known as the Ravens. It is by invitation only, and they are given a chance to find a mate. Humans attend to possibly become donors, or vampires. Jones penned a wonderful paranormal romance that really caught my attention. Legends focused primarily on Elizabeth and Emrys, and I am interested to see where their journey takes them. I am also curious to see what will become of her twin!


I would consider this to be a new age novel. Although this genre is usually not my cup of tea I found this read quite enjoyable.



There’s a legend…about a party…hosted by vampires. An event so exclusive – the invitation is by word of mouth – with strict rules that must-be-followed. So what happens when your best friend is invited and practically begs you to go along with her?
You go, of course!

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