DreamsDreams is the second book on the Ravenswynd series. The story picks up where the first book left off. Elizabeth and Emrys are getting ready to enjoy their honeymoon, but with Rohan still lurking in the shadows the couple face a future of uncertainty.


In my review of the first book I wrote about the main characters. This novel brings familiar faces, and some new ones as well. Rohan is a character we met in the first novel, and he is a character you love to hate. He is absolutely despicable, and he makes the perfect villain. I really took a liking to Elizabeth’s assistant Kelsey as well. Her story is really touching, and I find myself rooting for her.


The first few chapters of the book moved a little slow for me. The character interaction between Elizabeth and Emrys just didn’t seem to capture me. However, Jones caught my attention when she once again brought the story with Rohan to the forefront. He will go to any lengths to gain the upper hand in his vendetta against Emrys. I can’t help but wonder what evil scheme he will put into play next, and that is what will keep me coming back for more.



Let me tell you a little-known secret. Being turned into a vampire doesn’t necessarily guarantee freedom from fear or danger. All of that silly happy-ever-after gibberish about immortality isn’t all it’s cracked up to be either. And furthermore, living forever in a state of bliss and contentedness is actually a blatant lie. I wish someone had told me.

Elizabeth Amarande Rose Bertrand’s first day as a vampire was definitely not what she’d expected, what with nearly losing her beloved twin sister. And after a short reprieve and a warm welcome to Ravenswynd, her new home in England, it gets even worse. Her immortal life takes on a whole new twist and she finds herself living in a perpetual state of fear. Faced with unsettling rumors and revelations, her dreams become real-life nightmares. Suddenly finding herself up to her neck in

a mind-bending abduction, Elizabeth believes that death itself would be better than being bound to someone she despises – bound by ancient law – for all eternity. The old saying is only too true:

There actually are fates worse than death – even when you’re a vampire. And once again…there will be blood.

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