Evelyns journalEvelyn is a young woman who has spent most of her life in a boarding school. Her family is cold, unfeeling, and treat her as their dirty secret. The oppressive all girls’ boarding school is the only semblance she has of a real home. While counting down the time until the end of her senior year she hears of a music teacher that some of the girls are fawning over. He isn’t an attractive man, and it seems the only thing he has going for him is his slick accent. Despite this Evelyn gives into him, and quickly learns there is more to the man than she could have imagined.

Evelyn is a resourceful young woman. A fledgling vampire with no guidance she has to learn to survive on her own. Though she is the sort of person who is a loner by nature it is obvious that she is lonely, and starved for love. These aspects of her character are what forge a connection with the reader.


I thought Gardner gave the reader a story that was unique.  Vampires in her story have slight variations of what is traditional.  I’m not quite sure that I would call this novel young adult because it contains sex, and drug references; I would lean more toward calling it new age. These aren’t genres that I normally read, but I enjoyed Evelyn’s Journal.  It had certain darkness to it, and the main characters had a maturity that was beyond their years. I thought it felt more real than the bubbly love story about two beautiful young people falling in love at first site. Gardner has piqued my curiosity; I would read more of her work.


Rating: 3.5




It’s cold and dark and Evelyn is in the morgue. In a drawer. She doesn’t know how she got there, and Tammi, the morgue attendant who hustles her out into the night, doesn’t have time to answer questions.


Evelyn has been robbed of the gift of immortality her absent lover promised her, and plunged instead, alone, into the night-time world of the vampire. In her search for love and belonging Evelyn must contend with a series of lovers who have their own ideas about what being a vampire means, and who she should be.


When her vampire lover returns Evelyn soon finds that he is a psychopath, obsessed with her. His courtship includes torture and murder.
Evelyn finally finds love and belonging with the most unlikely hero; in the end love makes Evelyn (metaphorically) human, as it does all of us.

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