Skye Renault is a famous author with bestselling novels that are being made into movies, but the stories she pens are not completely her own. They are born of nightmares she had as a girl after she had an accident at D’Arc Estate.  Now the dreams have dried up, and she feels bereft losing the connection with her two leading men. She decides to go back to the mansion that still calls to her; the place that where it all began, and It doesn’t take long for to lose herself when everything she thought to be imagination starts to take a very realistic turn.

Skye is a very fascinating character.  She is very talented, and successful. However, her strength and tenacity are her most impressive traits. However, for the most part it seems she doesn’t see these qualities in herself. The vampires she has dreamed of through the years are Christian and Lucien. Christian is patient and gentle while Lucien is darker and passionate.  When they become a part of her reality she must choose between the two vampires that are in love with her, and who she loves in return.

I have been hooked on the Haven’s Realm series since the beginning. Monteau’s  Community of vampires has brought me hours of enjoyment as I witnessed their trials and triumphs. She has a way of bringing this alternate world alive for her readers through her descriptive writing.  Midnight Skye is one of my favorites to date with its strong character presence and overall mystery.

Characters in the past books are prominent in this latest novel as well. I urge readers to start from the beginning, or you will lose out on a lot of history. It is necessary to see what these characters have been through to get to where they are now. I am looking forward to what promises to be an exciting follow up in the seventh novel After Midnight.



Since age thirteen, Summer Skye Renault has written about her nightmares—stories of two vampire cousins who hold habitual romantic rivalries. Six years later, with her sixth novel nearing release, the dreams stop. She returns to D’Arc Estate, where they began, and seeking answers. There she learns that her nightmares were real, and becomes the unwitting subject of the next story.

When Christian learns of Lucien’s disappearance, he travels to his cousin’s home in Tennessee to investigate, but the presence of an intriguing young mortal complicates his plans. Before he can convince her to leave with him, he becomes gravely injured by vicious Adept magick, leaving Summer to battle the treacherous estate alone.


Finding Lucien and freeing him from a century-long confinement places Summer’s life in danger when an ancient enemy retaliates. Lucien must call on all his intellect and set aside fear if he is to save them all and protect the Bargain.


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