keeper of the gateLet me preface this review by saying that I hardly ever read Young Adult novels. One of the exceptions I make is for novels by Paula Kennedy. I loved her last series and was excited to read this one when she asked me to review it for her. Keeper of the Gate starts out with an awkward high school girl just trying to find where she fits into the world. Plagued by an emptiness that she’s never been able to figure out, never able to find a guy, Anna can’t believe it when her head it turned by the new guy, Devin, only to find out he’s a bible obsessed weirdo. Just her luck. Devin seems to know more about her than he should and his vague warnings and Jekyll and Hyde behavior towards her should have her steering clear of him, but she can’t stay away. Her whole life changes when the truth of her past if revealed to her and the fate of the world is left in her hands. Devin was a complex character that both irritated the hell out of me as well as pulled at my heartstrings. His passion for his lord was palpable and his feelings for Anna were obviously a source of much heartache.

I absolutely loved this book! Kennedy again has developed characters that seem to have a life of their own. She was able to show Anna as an awkward teenage girl yet at the same time have her be a thousand year old (making an assumption on age) bad ass demon destroying warrior. The underworld she describes left a vivid picture for the reader as a backdrop to the breathtaking story of good versus evil and those in the middle that are charged with keeping the balance. Devin and Anna haven’t left my mind and I want to know more about their past, their future, and the history/future of the other Keepers of the Gate. This is a young adult book but I think any age from 14-adult would enjoy. I read this with my daughter (12) and she enjoyed it immensely and wants more!



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November 6, 2014
Anna, the girl with flaming red hair and attitude to match, always felt like an outcast. In her final year of high school, when she can’t even connect with the right guy, she meets mysterious bible-loving Devin and feels strangely drawn to him.

There’s more to Devin than good looks and his weird obsession with scripture, and Anna finally understands the emptiness she’s felt her entire life. Join Anna as she searches for answers about her past with Devin, struggles to accept her true identity, and begins an adventure into the City of Fire to reseal the gates of Hell.

Atalanta Ravin, or Lana, as everyone calls her is not on a very good streak of luck. First, she is left at the altar. Second she sets out to begin a new life and ends up in another dimension leaving her unable to return home.

Lana is a great character. She has been through a lot of turbulent situations really close together in timing.  She takes time to mourn and then she picks herself up and moves on. She is truly an adventurer at heart, and I believe we relate to her on this level. Who hasn’t at one point in their life wanted a do-over? As readers we get one through Lana!

This is the newest Knights of the Black Swan book by Victoria Danann, and it is being released in three parts (very sneaky Ms. Danann) I always look forward to these books as it is currently one of my favorite series. Releasing Prince of Demons in three parts really heightens the suspense for readers, but Danann’s books are always exciting. She hooks you right from the start and there is no getting loose. When I reached the end of part one I am pretty sure I screamed out loud frantically trying to scroll for another chapter. The ending of the first part kind of felt like crashing into a wall; it was pretty sudden. I definitely think it left the intended effect, because I can’t stop thinking about it. Needless to say this is shaping up to be a great read!




Publication Date: December 26, 2014


After Dallas finance manager, Atalanta Ravin, was left standing at the altar in a publicly humiliating jilting, she quit her job, sold her house, gave away her furniture, and set off in search of a new life living on a boat in Boston Harbor. She got the adventure she’d always secretly longed for, but not in a thousand dreams could she ever have imagined that her fantasy lover might turn out to be a prince of demons.

Prince of Demons 1, is approximate 100 pages. Installments 2 and 3 will release before January 13th.

Rees Morgan is working as an escort making great money with no strings attached. He has no interest in more, or he can’t afford to have interest in more. Rees is a vampire, and long term relationships with human women make for complication. When he steps into a coffee house after an interesting night of work he spots Rachel McCready and can’t help but talk to her. When trouble comes his way and endangers the woman who has intrigued him it reminds him of why he set boundaries in the first place.

Rees may seem to have a tough exterior, but obviously he is very lonely. After close to two centuries he can’t forget the loss he endured when he was still human. Rachel lost her husband two years ago. Now she is a single woman raising two young boys, but she misses having someone to share her life with. They can sooth each other’s battered souls if they can risk their hearts.

This story really surprised me. I wasn’t sure what to think when I began the book to see a vampire escort, but Rhine really delivered. Rees Morgan’s story is very passionate. I loved the characters, including Rees’s boss Kian and frenemy Nik. Although he was not a huge focus in the story Nik has quite a presence. I also liked how Rhine gave an extraordinary couple ordinary relationship problems, for example the uncertainty of where a relationship is heading, do they feel the same, etc. The interactions between them felt very real.  Rhine writes with a lot of detail that gives you the “big picture” so you can’t but immerse yourself into the story.

This is the second book in the Vampires of the Chesapeake series, but it stood alone pretty well. I do want to go back and learn about Kian though, and I am definitely on board to read the next book that will belong to enigmatic Nik!



Publication Date: May 13, 2014

Rees Morgan has the perfect career for a vampire; he works nights, uses his mind reading ability to decipher exactly what his clients need, and the pay is excellent. Life is good, uncomplicated, okay, maybe a bit lonely, that is until he walks into The Grind, and sees her, sitting alone at a table.


Rachel McCready’s friend is to meet her at the coffee shop for a long awaited girls’ night out. Since her husband died, more than two years ago, she’s lived like a hermit, but with two boys to care for, and a mortgage to pay, there wasn’t much time for anything else. When the bell rings above The Grind’s door, drawing her attention, she wishes she’d taken more time with her appearance. The man who walks in is stunning. As a text interrupts her ogling, letting her know her friend isn’t coming, she’s stuck at work; Rachel looks up to hear the stranger ask if he can sit at her table.
Their chance meeting evolves into one night of unbridled passion that flips their worlds upside down, when an unknown force threatens them both. Her first night of spontaneous pleasure, throws her into his world; a world she never knew existed, which now endangers her children, her parents, and her. And the one man who can save them, is the one man she has come to despise.

Spook Squad agent Sam Ryan is investigating a serial murderer that may very well unlock her past. Well, at least she is trying to investigate but her so called partner Gabriel Stern keeps shutting her down at every turn. It is obvious the man doesn’t want a partner, and he is trying to push her to transfer. The stubborn man doesn’t even want to acknowledge the chemistry that sparks just below the surface. Things need to change quickly because if they can’t count on each other they could end up dead.

Sam’s life is pretty much a mess. Her partner is absolutely infuriating and then there is that pesky lingering question of what she really is. She is apprehensive to dig into her past out of fear of what she will find. Gabriel is convinced anyone who partners with him will end up dead, and he isn’t willing to take chances with Sam. It is apparent that he is struggling with his feelings for her. It’s as if Gabriel is emotionally stunted, to an extent he has closed everyone out of his life including his own twin.

I liked Generation 18 better than I did the first book in the series titled Memory Zero. I think this was in part to a better understanding of what is happening in the storyline, and also a tighter connection to the characters.  These books are fairly intense, and very in depth. Arthur has created a truly unique world in these stories. This world is very dark both setting and emotionally as well. This may deter some readers who like their books on the lighter side.


When I finished the novel I felt like I was left hanging on the cusp of some great truth, and I feel a need to see it through until the end. Hopefully I will get that chance when the final book in the trilogy, Penumbra, is released.




Publication Date: September 30, 2014


A serial killer strikes every twelve hours. A vampire takes lives at random. At first glance, these tragic incidents seem unrelated. But Special Investigations Unit agents Sam Ryan and Gabriel Stern trace them both back to a military base known as Hopeworth. Is the murder spree part of a cover-up? And are the vampire killings less by chance and more methodical?

The investigation takes an eerie, personal turn when Sam discovers a connection between herself and the victims—and a clue to her own mysterious origins. With the violence escalating and the danger drawing closer to home, the stakes are raised and the mission changes from seeking justice to ensuring Sam and Gabriel’s own survival. And the one person who seems to hold all the answers—about Hopeworth, about Sam’s past—is a mystery man she isn’t sure she can trust. They share a psychic link through her dreams, and he once saved her life, but he may just be the greatest enemy humankind has ever known.


phroniaSophronia is a fifty year old woman who decided to leave England and tour America. She is a witch, a crone to be exact. She does her best to avoid vampires at all cost, but on a lonely stretch of highway she nearly takes one out with her car. Deciding to rest for the night she procures a room at a less than desirable motel run by Charlie, a young witch who has no idea what she is. Trouble ensues when the young vampire she almost ran over brings a visit from an elder.


Sophronia is a bit quirky with her quick wit and sharp tongue. I really had to admire her Moxie too. Charlie has been labeled a freak and her whole family is just a bunch of losers. Somehow this young woman has managed to keep herself straight all though she struggles. The two women form quite a unique bond. Then there is Hagen, the elder vampire who lays claim to Sophronia. In the beginning I have to admit that I didn’t like him much; but like a fungus the old vampire kind of grows on you.


I have to say that initially I didn’t think this would be the read for me. However, I was pleasantly surprised. Farrell’s unique story was a breath of fresh air. I got into the novel fairly quick, and I just had fun with it.  The ending left me hanging a bit, but it left me excited to read the next book. If you want an amusing read with a dash of sarcastic humor, or just want to dive into something entertaining to whisk your worries away Farrell can give you just what you need.




Fifty, English and a professional crone, Sophronia is minding her own business touring America when she is forced to spend the night at a run-down motel on the Californian coast. She’s not expecting much – if the bed’s clean and the toilet flushes she’ll count herself lucky. But unfortunately the motel owner is a juvenile witch unaware of her heritage and in dire need of help. And then the vampires turn up…


After narrowly avoiding running over a young vampire in Northern California, Sophronia Sheridan seeks refuge for the night in a nearby motel. It is owned by Charlie Byrne, a juvenile witch, who is in love with the vampire Sophronia nearly knocked down. It’s the classic love story that Sophronia would normally run a mile from except that she’s a witch too, more mature than Charlie and therefore much more attractive to the local head vampire who traps her so he can use her powers to pursue his own ambitions. As Sophronia wrestles with her conscience – should she try to help Charlie avoid becoming a toy for the local bloodsuckers or just weasel out like the coward she really wants to be? – she becomes embroiled in a struggle for territory and power between different rival factions in the local undead community. And when she’s fighting her own fatal fascination with vampires as well she knows the whole situation can only end in tears. is pleased to be a part of the cover reveal On Wicked Ground by Sharon Kay!91Yfx53vQaL._SL1500_


Learn about the latest Solsti Prophecy Novel:


Publication Date: January 13, 2015

The lost memories of a thief…
The first twelve years of Alina’s life are a black void. An accomplished thief, she uses her cloaking ability to pick pockets as well as stage elaborate heists. Digging deeper into her past sets off a chain of events that puts her, and the family she has just discovered, in the sights of their worst enemy.

…and the scarred heart of a guardian…
In secret, Lash Watcher Caine plots vengeance for the destruction of everything he loved. Branded by loss, he longs to find his one true mate, knowing that only with her will his heart fully heal. When his brief meeting with Alina is interrupted by her elaborate evade-and-escape plan, he knows there is more to her than meets his watchful eyes. But nothing can prepare him for the lethal power of her mind.

…collide at the fault line of destiny.
A brilliant villain with a vicious and loyal army behind her can only be stopped by one force: the combined power of four women who command the elements. Alina, with her newly-discovered affinity to the earth, becomes the linchpin to halting the desecration of their world. Thrown into a battle plan and a new family, she finds joy in in the quiet strength of Caine’s arms. But when the secrets to her past are revealed, she learns a terrible price has been paid in advance. The very magic that allowed her to live to fulfill a prophecy will forever deny her heart’s deepest wish.

On Wicked Ground is now available for pre-order!


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