Chari is a geneticist who wants to make a difference in the world. This woman of science wants to be an asset to mankind by curing disease, and helping her fellow man. One night she sees her best friend taken by vampires. She can’t believe they exist, but switches her focus to finding a cure for vampirism. She doesn’t know of the difference between vampires who have souls, and the mindless rogue vampires she knows of. When she kills one of Haven’s most cherished vampires it looks like she will pay with her life. Then Vincent, a tormented vampire, stands up for her and turns his back on his own. Now if they are to survive the reckoning Chari must prove she is remorseful and Vincent is forced to bring a haunted past to light.

I admired Chari’s intelligence and compassion. Her character’s complexity made her interesting. She is a scientist being faced with things her scientific mind cannot answer. Her confusion is quite apparent. Her feelings for Vincent are equally as confusing. Vincent has no doubt Chari is meant to be his, and though she finds him attractive she is unsure of herself. Even with their lives in the balance Chari always remains true to herself. Vincent is the epitome of the broody and tormented vampire. It is obvious he is unwell and weary. He wants Chari to love him as he loves her, and this powerful being seems so close to breaking that my heart ached for him.

Monteau delivers once again on what has to be my favorite Haven’s Realm book so far. She writes with such passion you can’t help but be pulled into her supernatural world. I truly believe she is an author who is very talented and deserves more acknowledgements. She really has a lot to bring to the table. It has been a joy watching her progress as a writer throughout the series. I am looking forward to see what is in store for the members of the Haven clan next!



When her best friend is taken by a vampire, Dr. Charlotte Vinetti shifts her genetic research focus in hopes of finding a cure. Five years later, she’s no closer to her goal, and long-troubled by the one vampire she’d killed who was different from the rest. Her worst nightmares become terrifying reality when she’s captured and realizes her captors are intelligent, sentient beings rather than the mindless creatures who continued to invade her home. Vincent was nearing the end of his strength. Haven’s trials over the past five years had overtaxed his resources, but he knew with dread his problems were only beginning when the hunter the Community had long sought was the reincarnation of his deepest love. Forced by ancient promises to stand against the Bargain, his only hope lies in ending their gypsy curse and winning her love, for only then can he earn the Council’s forgiveness.

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