Solomon’s Sieve is the seventh book in the Black Swan Series. The nearly deserted Jefferson Unit is once again hopping as it is discovered there has been a misfire with the vampire vaccine. This turn of events requires all hands on deck and brings the B Team out of retirement.


I was excited to see the B Team together again as a working team. These are the characters that I fell in love with, I have become so familiar with them that they feel like old friends. With that being said, I am beginning to have the same love affair with the team of misfits otherwise known as Z Team! They are all very appealing, but bad boy Raif really gets my temperature rising! A more emotional side to the story involves a look back at the love story between the Sovereign Sol and Farnsworth. Although Sol was a constant, we as readers didn’t get to see who the man really was until he was gone. Of course, along with our old favorites, Danann throws in a couple of new characters to keep us captivated.


Danann knocks another out of the park with Solomon’s Sieve. Her writing is amazing! She is so good at her craft that her writing appears effortless. I am most impressed with the way the story flows. It is so easy to get wrapped up in the whole adventure, and the novel is an easy and enjoyable read. The story is exciting, suspenseful, passionate, and sexy with plenty of comic relief to give the reader a breather. I need to mention that the series is a serial and not meant to be stand-alone books, but fear not because every single book is well worth reading.

The Order of the Black Swan has quickly become one of my favorite series, and if you love a good paranormal adventure it will be one of yours too! I highly recommend this series to all of the fans of the paranormal genre!



Publication Date: May 22, 2014
When Sovereign Solomon Nemamiah lay dying on a beach under an overturned vehicle with his fiancée helplessly sobbing next to him, he made a vow to himself that he would refuse to stay in some arbitrary afterlife. He silently promised to return and finish what he started with The Order of the Black Swan and the love of his life. When the new Sovereign of Jefferson Unit begins saying and doing things that remind people of Sol, it raises suspicion in the minds of people who were closest to him. 

Dr. Mercy Renaux is a new hire archeologist seeking to change her life and find something to blot out the guy she can’t forget. Sir Rafael Nightsong, bad boy member of the infamous Z Team, is the guy she can’t forget. When his team is assigned to escort the recent recruit to Bulgaria on a mission to contain irrefutable evidence that vampire exist, they both wish they worked for somebody else. 

If you love a grand mix of romance, fantasy, science fiction, tears, laughter, and complex stories, this serial is right for you. 17+

3 Responses to “Review: Solomon’s Sieve”
  1. Victoria Danann says:

    Dear Teresa D. –

    Thank you for the lovely review. Reposting to the book page on my website right now.

    My best,

  2. Ellen says:

    I agree with your review. This book has everything – excitement, romance, laughter, and tears. It is a great addition to this wonderful series.

  3. Karen Elizabath says:

    With this book Solomon Sieve is the best one yet, it combines mystery and imagination to create a truely magical world. I also love that it has all my old favourites and some new have taken me away for a few hours to celebrate life.
    The Order of the Black Swan is a fabulous series and I hope that there are many more books in the works!

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