A Match Made in Hell is the fifth book in The Dream Series. The reader continues to follow the lives of Cassandra, Alexi, A.J., and the rest of their friends and family as the fall-out from Elizabeth’s curse continues to play a role in their lives.

I have reviewed all of the books in The Dream Series to date, and the characters of Alexi and Cassandra have become like old friends. Another favorite character of mine is Chloe who is Alexi’s sire. I love her attitude, and she is quite spunky! Sebastian is a character I was not keen on at first, but now I am crazy about him! The latest book introduces a new player in the game, Gabriel, Sebastian’s brother.  He grew on me immediately.

Quintal had me wrapped up from the start of the book. Reuniting with the characters and getting reacquainted with the story. The lineage of Alexi and Cassandra is very interesting and it was exciting to see how their origins and the curse would affect their young son A.J. in the future. Then there was the introduction of Gabriel into the story. I was immediately attracted to the cocky vampire, and thought of the new dynamic he could add to the story. I was a little sad we didn’t see more of him. I really wanted to see the relationships develop between him and the other characters. Towards the end of the book there are a couple of skips forward through time, and it made the story seems rushed. I felt like I missed out a little. I believe I understand the purpose, I think Quintal was trying to set us up for A.J.’s future. I just wish she would have taken me there just a little slower.

Although I wanted to see more ( because I am greedy that way) I am looking forward to seeing the path A.J. will take in the next installation, and I look forward to once again seeing the characters that have kept me coming back since the first book.


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Gabriel is beyond furious when he discovers Chloe was responsible for the untimely demise of his beloved brother. Will Moyra succeed in protecting her friend from the four hundred-year-old vampire intent on vengeance? The evil Elizabeth has betrayed them all. Her deceit could find Sebastian burning in the fires of hell for all eternity and force a wedge between Alexi and Cassandra forever.


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