Laila Cambridge has been through a lot thus far in her short life.  She is working on her dissertation which isn’t going so well, she is broke, guilty about her past as an art forger, and mourning the father that has been missing without a trace for the last five years. The only thing good in her life is her best friend Fern.  Enter John Bolingbroke, a sexy Italian man who claims to know about her father.  Her attraction to Bolingbroke is immediate, but she gets a feeling he is hiding secrets.  The Botticelli Affair leads Laila on a journey where she must confront her past to help her father.

This is one of those reviews that are hard to write without giving away essential parts of the story.  I usually do a piece on the characters, but in this case the characters hold on to secrets I don’t want to reveal to the readers.  If you want to know more about Laila and Bolingbroke you will have to discover them for yourself, my lips are sealed!

Slatton has penned a novel that is mysterious, and rich in history.  There were times the book moved a little slowly for me just because of the great attention to detail.  She did a marvelous job setting the scenes for this dark story.  Although it wasn’t especially fast-paced, the characters and story line were very intriguing, and kept urging me forward to see how it would play out.

This book is going to appeal to more than one type of reader; it reminded me of The Da Vinci code with a paranormal twist. My only complaint was that I felt left hanging, and in hopes to see the story continue.  All in all I enjoyed the read and would definitely read more of Slatton’s work!


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Publication Date: July 12, 2011

Luscious art forger Laila Cambridge has a little vampire problem…. She’s a high-spirited woman with a sordid past, trying to go straight. Enter gorgeous John Bolingbroke, a half-vampire with news of her missing father. From New York through Paris, Amsterdam, and Rome, while fleeing ruthless vampires, Laila searches desperately for her father and a lost painting that holds a coveted secret.
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