Vlad Chemare failed the first time at over throwing the leader of the nosferatu, and was punished severely for his failure. Several centuries later he is once again ready to face Baslo Rigla. Revenge is seared into Vlad; Baslo will die even if it means his own life will end. The only thing in the way is that he has fallen for the mortal woman Meredith Swanson; will Vlad be able to ascend as leader and keep the woman he loves?

This is the first full length novel I have read by Tony-Paul de Vissage, and I must say I found it to be a satisfying read. I liked the character of Vlad.  There are two sides to him. The first side is the ruthless and sometimes slightly self-centered side. He has the thirst for revenge, and is about seeking his own pleasures. Then there is the love he has for Meredith which surprises even him.  He has an old world charm, and yet knows the modern day lingo (this really conflicted with the way I pictured him in my mind!) Meredith is sort of wholesome, but yet has a lot of spunk. I found her quite likeable as well, especially when compared to her sister.

The novel is written in a way you get a point of view from all the major characters, and I loved the fact that at one point or another I got to live in their minds. There was a nice blend of heart-stopping action and romance. In fact, of the books I have read by de Vissage this one had more romance and sex than previous books.

Although the novel didn’t contain a true cliff-hanger ending. I felt I needed more, there were what I felt was loose ends. I believe that the story could easily continue, and I would be thrilled to see this happen!

Tony-Paul Vissage’s style is more like the classic vampire novel. We most always see the monster within, and I for one like the refreshing change.


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Publication Date: October 14, 2012

The South is being invaded…by vampires.

That’s nothing new, but Vlad Chemare isn’t some angst-filled paranormal hero longing for his lost soulmate. He’s up-to-date, traveling by jet, and seeking revenge against the master who buried him alive in punishment for daring to lead a revolt back in the 15th century. Armed with American Express and a Kevlar vest, Vlad’s out for blood…specifically Baslo Rigla’s…and he isn’t about to let his feelings for mortal Meredith Swanson stand in his way. After all, a woman’s just a woman, but revenge is a dish enjoyed even six hundred years later.

Gathering the vampires of Savannah around him, he rallies their American defiance of tyranny, to make himself a new army. So what if this new breed of vampires don’t know half of what they should, their own masters being a little slipshod in their training? All they need is a little mental prodding to release their innate knowledge, so while Vlad’s lieutenants enlist a Creative Anachronism blacksmith to fashion their armor, the young (he’s only six hundred and fifty) rebel trains his men for the coming battle. Soon, he’s not only got his army, but the local werewolf population is volunteering to become his K-9 Corps.

It’s only when Vlad learns that Meredith wants to make him a father that his rush toward vengeance falters…but only for a moment. If he can survive being buried under six feet of frozen earth, Vlad figures he can handle killing Rigla, and fatherhood, too. And then the fight begins…with the city of Savannah as the battleground, and the rest of the world as the prize…after Vlad and Meredith leave the local Taco Bell, that is.

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