Twilight Destiny is the first book in the Haven’s Realm series. Joshua has accepted a life of solitude, but an unexpected encounter in the woods sets into motion a change in his future.

Joshua and Catherine are the central characters in this romantic story. I loved the two of them together. Their personalities are very similar, and they made sense as a couple. Both are quiet, thoughtful, and traditional in their beliefs. Joshua, being a vampire, has been around for ages. As a reader, you get the impression he has learned some hard lessons in life and love. Catherine is only seventeen when the reader starts to really know her character. She is so responsible and mature, that it is hard to grasp that she hasn’t yet graduated high school. It is apparent that she had to grow up much faster than her peers.

Monteau wrote the perfect love story to fit her character’s personalities. In the beginning it was a traditional courtship, and very innocent. The budding relationship was caring and sweet, and as it progressed it grew more passionate. She also did an outstanding job with the character development, she gave readers the history of both Joshua and Catherine and we learned how they became they people they are presently. The story isn’t an extremely fast paced book, but it does capture your attention and imagination from the start. Monteau builds on to the story in a way that keeps you right there with her throughout the whole journey.

I previously read other books in the series, and I am happy to have the opportunity to start them from the beginning. Twilight Destiny isn’t my favorite of the Haven’s Realm books, but for me the first book in a series seldom is. Please don’t take that to mean I didn’t like the book, because that is not the case at all. Twilight Destiny is an enjoyable paranormal romance that centers around two beautiful and endearing characters, and a great start to the series.



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Joshua MacAaron led a solitary existence until the night he crossed paths with Catherine Mills. From the first, her innocent joy and strength invaded the most
secret parts of his long-quiet heart. He felt inexplicably and irresistibly drawn to
her, until at last he resigned himself to the fact that they were destined to meet,
even though he knew the decision to involve himself with the young mortal could mean the end of his existence.

Katie led a simple life, ruled by order and practicality. She had no time for romance, had never given it thought, until the night a stranger stepped into her life. Joshua’s old-fashioned, Scottish mannerisms and extraordinary good looks awakened her heart to new and unknown yearnings. When she discovered that the man she’d learned to love was a vampire, she became torn between fear she couldn’t control and an almost desperate longing.

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