The Darker Path is the second book in the Haven’s Realm Series. Ki’ara is about to become empress of her world. In order to lead her people it is imperative that she find a mate, but she is discouraged by her choices. After searching for advice to guide her she is given the choice of two paths. The path she chooses leads her to earth and a vampire named Colton.

Ki’ara is a beautiful woman who has great responsibility to her people. I felt a little sorry for her character because it seemed she had to live up to the expectations of everyone else instead of seeking her own happiness. Colton was made vampire against his will and lives secluded only with his servant and the ghosts of his past. He hates what he is, and is very self-loathing. The reader’s heart will go out to him because his loneliness is so apparent, even underneath his surly demeanor.

When I started reading the book I was really thrown off by the whole alien world thing. I will admit my heart kind us sunk a little, because I just couldn’t see how it tied in with what I knew of the Haven books. The more I read, the more I got into the story, and before I knew it I was totally engrossed and very much enjoying the book. Monteau took every expectation I had and turned it upside down. I enjoy her style of storytelling and her attention to detail. I also feel that through her words you learn everything about the characters inside and out. I liked the fact she included my favorite characters from the first book, and tied them into the story without it feeling forced.

The Darker Path is a novel that can stand quite well on its own. I still recommend starting from the first book so you will know about the other characters that make an appearance. I must say that I have had a good time with the series so far. I find the stories to be easy reads that I can curl up  with and get lost in. I will definitely continue reading the Haven’s Realm Series.


From Amazon:

Ki’ara’s responsibilities were clear: she was destined to rule her world and produce heirs to strengthen the Royal Family. But on the eve of her coronation, with uncertainty about her suitors bearing hard on her, she chooses to follow the strange path that opens for her, allows it to take her to the strange place called New England and into the arms of Colton Graves, a man more powerful and dangerous than she ever imagined. Her struggles to understand his self-hatred and anger leads her to the Vampire Community, where answers only bring more questions, and she is forced to choose between her love of Colton and her duty to the Realm.

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