Legacy of Blood is the fourth book in the Skye Morrison Vampire Series. The fourth book picks up where The Original Sin left off. Skye Morrison undergoes her transformation, and awakens more changed than anyone thought possible.

Most of the favorite characters from the past books make an appearance in this latest novel. Skye is back after her change, and readers begin to see her personality from the first books reemerge as she adjusts to her new life. Archer is one of Skye’s sires, and this adds a whole new dimension to the relationship with Skye. Jameson is one my favorite character in the series; I saw a different side of him emotionally in this book that made me love him even more. Amun is Skye’s other sire, and he makes a perfect villain. He is downright evil, but he has a charisma and depth that kind of makes you want to keep him around. There are so many great characters in this book with very different personalities to draw the reader’s attention.

I enjoyed this book immensely, and it is my favorite book of the series so far. McCoy started the book with fast-paced excitement, and there is only a short time to take a breath before she takes you for back for more heart-pounding suspense. This is one of those series that just keeps improving with each book. The ending will leave the reader satisfied, but left knowing that we haven’t seen the last of Skye Morrison!

Readers of the paranormal genre will certainly enjoy this series. It has action, suspense, and romance with really likeable characters. I am truly looking forward to the next book!


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Skye Morrison begged for death.

Fortunately, someone didn’t listen. Skye awakens to discover she has been irrevocably changed and the unprecedented circumstances of her rebirth have now created a new threat to her very existence. Sired by both the monster Amun and the vampire Archer Rhys, Skye must prove to the army of An Dilis (The Faithful) whose essence is most dominant within her and that she is not a danger to them or society. The Faithful soon discover that she is unlike any vampire ever created before as she struggles to adjust to her new life and the changes that come with it.

Her recent brush with death has made Skye realize that life is precious and she wastes no time telling the one she loves how she feels about him.

But, Amun finds out that someone interfered with Skye’s transformation and the intrusion makes him livid. He gives Skye 7 days to come to him or he threatens to begin killing the ones she loves most. Will Skye be able to survive long enough to enjoy her new life now that Amun is hunting her and everyone she loves?

Don’t miss Legacy of Blood, the fourth installment in the popular Skye Morrison Vampire Series brought to you by author J.L. McCoy.


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