We have with us today the talented Kinley Baker! Kinley is out on tour with BewitchingBookTours to showcase her books in the Shadowed Love series as well as her latest release, Excuse My Fairy, a Misbehaving Magics story. Kinley has stopped by to share some excerpts from the books and to tell us about her own love of the paranormal romance genre. She’s not just an author, but also a big fan!


A message from Kinley Baker:

Thank you so much for having me as a guest on Vampire Romance Books! I love paranormal romance. It’s the first genre I ever wrote, and it’s the first genre that convinced me buying ten books in a series in a week was not only a good idea, but entirely necessary.

I guess that’s what happens when technology comes out like the Kindle. It’s really very dangerous with the one click buy. Suddenly I’ve spent $200 in a week, and I have absolutely no explanation.

 Something propelled me to keep reading, and I couldn’t stop until I read every single story!

This is probably why I write series. Everyone always has a perspective, and I like to write about everyone’s happy ending.

What do you think about series? Lately, I’m very into the trilogy concept. Although some of my favorite authors are up to their tenth or eleventh books. Sometimes it’s nice to only commit to a trilogy of three.

I also really enjoy novella series. The ones that have different heroes and heroines per book, but each story has a happy ending. I recently released one of these in a new series called Misbehaving Magics. Excuse My Fairy is written by my feistier half. I’m hoping my grumpy fairy heroine makes people laugh.

 I’d love to hear from you all about what you prefer. Who loves standalone books? Any trilogy enthusiasts? Or can the series never go too long?

 There are some authors who I want to keep writing forever like Nalini Singh. I’m going to be so sad when the Psy-Changeling world ends. But other series along the way have lost my interest around the tenth book.

 What makes some series impossible to stop reading? What makes me click buy even though I know I should wait for the inevitable Amazon gift card I always manage to acquire around the holidays (no complaining here)?

Compelling characters. A relatable world. What do you think? And if a particular series immediately came to mind, tell us in the comments! I’m always up for being influenced into purchasing books I can’t afford. But then, who isn’t? I have a suspicion I’ll find like-minded friends around here.




By Kinley Baker

Genre: Fantasy Romance

Publisher: Crescent Moon Press


When invaders brutally massacred the women and children of the Varner, Caleb witnessed loss and destruction on a scale few can comprehend. As the leader of a race on the brink of extinction, his only hope for survival is gaining acceptance into the Shadow Shifter Kingdom. Struggling with new customs, he meets Tabitha, a woman who challenges his limits. 

Refused the right to join the king’s guard because of her gender, Tabitha must be stronger than the men to prove she deserves to be the first accepted female Warrior in the kingdom. She believes Caleb will help improve her abilities, until she learns her goals conflict with the foundation of his culture. 

When the realm is attacked, Tabitha and Caleb must come together not only to fight, but to find the strength to win against an evil with the potential to destroy everything they revere most–including each other. 

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RUINED: Shadowed Love Book One

By Kinley Baker

Genre: Fantasy Romance

Publisher: Crescent Moon Press



Jessa is one healing away from death. Under the thrall of her gift, the Court’s Senior Healer risks giving her life in exchange for her patient’s.

 Vale is a rebel ruler. When his brother is killed, he’s given the throne and the decree from the Court to produce an heir or lose his family’s hold on the land–and his deceiving advisors aren’t afraid to use murder as a weapon if their directive to stay away from the Senior Healer goes unheeded.

 But Vale burns to possess Jessa. The heat between them leaves a wake of smoke, and even the powerful forces above want to bind them in a union that lasts forever. Vale taking another would be a betrayal neither could survive.

 Their enemies fear a child born of such a powerful Healer and Warrior, but the true threat lies in the bond forged in shadows and fused in fire.

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“You.” Fury burned hot under Jessa’s skin as she glared at Vale. “Who do you think you are, demanding I come live in this castle? You can’t just order your guards to enter a woman’s home and pack up her things.”

“Well, I did.” Vale came around the desk and propped one hip against it, more of a threatening than casual movement.

 “Someone tried to kill me. It makes sense that I have my Healer close by.”

 She released a pent-up breath. “Why couldn’t you have explained that instead of mandating?” Silly. Her imagination had run away with her. The king needed his Healer. But the realization he didn’t want her made her angrier.

 “Because I didn’t want to give you the option of saying no.”

 She most definitely would have said no.

 “If you would have explained your reasoning, I would have complied. Your safety and health come first, even if I-“

 “Even if you what?”

 “Loathe you.” She bunched her fingers into two fists, seriously tempted to hit him. For all the nonexistent pain it would inflict upon him.

 “Do you?” His tone deadened with calm. “Because I can’t stop thinking about you.”

 “That’s normal.” She brushed off the claim. “I saved your life.”

 He moved in a blur. A true Shadow Shifter. One second he stood near his desk, the next he had her in his arms, one locked around her waist and one hand tangled in her hair. Their lips almost brushed.

 “I can’t stop thinking about you.” His murmur played down her spine, leaving a tingling trail. His scent invaded her. His voice embraced her like bare skin against satin sheets.

 Her heart beat fast, her pulse jumped.

 She disliked him, but didn’t want him to let her go.

 “Have you been thinking about me?” His soft tone feathered over her flesh.

 “Only how much I dislike you.” Lust pulsed in her belly.

 He pulled her head back gently by her hair, so they looked straight into each other’s eyes. Their bodies pressed tightly together. “Liar.”


 Check out Kinley’s new novella, Freed, set in the world of The Shadowed Love series



After mortal invaders slay a Shadow Shifter woman, Queen Ella knows there is more blood on the horizon. As the most powerful Sensitive in the village, Ella has always known she’s destined to save the kingdom. But her task seems impossible. She must move the Well of Souls to a new realm to save her people or risk failing the Ancestor gods.

The woman King Falon loves will never love him back, despite a binding marriage built on regal decorum. Falon’s first duty is to his people, and he only wants to provide the Shadow Shifters with a safe future. He must assert his power to gain the respect of the warriors.

Harder still, King Falon must accept the salvation of his people lies with his own Queen Ella, a woman who speaks madness… a woman he’s always loved, but hardly knows.



Chapter One

The Mortal Realm, 657

King Falon looked up at the darkening sky, and a heavy burden settled inside his chest. Where were their Ancestor gods?

 From his castle balcony, he stared over the hills of his homeland in Northern Britain, the place the Shadow Shifters had always called home. Their history and their hearts were embedded in these lands.

 The mortals had always been a danger, but his people had escaped their persecution. That was no longer the case. The martyrs wanted to annihilate the Shadow Shifters, a race who thrived in the darkness, who thrived in the shadows, who thrived in the night.

 Holy believers were coming for them, without any understanding of what they attempted to fight. The Shadow Shifter village had remained protected on these hills, with their Ancestor gods watching over them. Now, their existence was threatened.

 “It isn’t your fault.” The sound of Pavel’s voice came from behind him.

 Falon couldn’t bear to face his oldest friend and advisor. “Then whose is it?”

“We knew we couldn’t stay hidden here forever.”

 “Why must they attack during my reign? Why must this fall to me?” He sighed. “For centuries, peace existed for our people.”

  New to the throne, newly wed, newly orphaned. Too many firsts weighed on his shoulders. He didn’t know how to handle the burden.

 Pavel seemed to read his mind. “The Ancestors would never give you this challenge if they didn’t believe you capable of discovering a way to provide for our people.”

 His friend had so much faith in bodiless apparitions. As the Spirit Teacher, perhaps Pavel had to have faith. But Falon struggled. He’d always struggled.

 “That girl–” He couldn’t finish. Seeing the mutilated body of one of his people had made bile rise to his throat. His people had looked to him for answers, and he’d nearly crumbled in front of them.

 “You did your duty per our traditions and honored her family.”

 Falon had done his duty, but the young girl’s face. He’d never forget it.

 “When do you think they’ll come?”

 Pavel sighed. “After their savagery, it could be this night, it could be a fortnight. I do not have the answers.”

 “We must prepare the Warriors.” To stop his people from being destroyed.

 “Then you’ll fight?”

 “What other choice do I have?” He glared at his friend, freeing his frustration.

 “None that you see.”

 “I don’t have time for riddles.”

 Pavel smiled. “You never did.”

 “I’ll do whatever’s necessary to protect our lands and the Well of Souls. We can’t afford to allow the mortals access to our sacred power source”

 “I trust you’ll do what you must.”

 His friend might have too much faith. Falon studied their lands for another long moment, watching the sun fall into the lure of the mountains.

“Of course I will.” But when he glanced back again, Pavel was gone. He had a way of disappearing.

 Falon knew he couldn’t dwell on the events of the past week. A young girl was gone, killed by bloodthirsty strangers, but the rest of his people remained. He could not allow her tragic death to befall the whole.

 He strode through his private chambers to an adjoining room, deciding not to use the shadows to shift so he could take a deep breath and collect himself. After passing through the doorway, he came to an abrupt halt.

 His breath caught at the sight before him. A woman of supreme elegance stood in the last flickers of light, staring out at the disappearing sun from her balcony.

 Heavy, thick robes lined her luscious form. Beautiful velvet in a rich blue color fit snugly to her curves. A crown of entwined flowers sat proud atop her head. Her delicate profile showed her true regal magnificence.

 Light hair curled down long and brushed against the fabric of her dress. She stood, ethereal, like an Ancestor goddess in his midst. Perfect. Untouchable. Supposedly his.

 She didn’t turn to look at him, although he knew she always knew when he entered the room. This was a woman of ultimate power, the strongest Sensitive in the kingdom. And one of only a few in the village who seemed to glow with magic.

 So soft. So kind. So distant.

 She was his wife. His queen.

 And so far out of reach. He wanted her with a desperation that made him ache. But he often thought his wanting of her would be the death of him. He couldn’t allow it to be the death of his kingdom.

 “We’re expected for the evening meal.” His tone was rigid.

 Her stance remained the same, as if she couldn’t hear him.

 “Ella,” he said.

 She didn’t move.

 Ella made him question himself in a way no one ever had. As a royal and now a king, he wasn’t used to scrutiny. No one seemed able to read his shortcomings as easily as his wife.

 His patience frayed. Defiance was not a battle he needed to wage this day. Especially against the one woman who was supposed to stand by him always. Newly married and he’d already learned. The wife he’d married for love would never love him back. And she’d never be on his side.


War. Ella’s blood boiled with the truth. The scent of blood drifted on the horizon. As the sun faded behind the mountains, her people’s safety faded with it. She felt this truth as surely as she felt her nails curling into her palms.

 Loss. The wind swirled with it. Inevitable sacrifices lingered in their future, but she couldn’t define what they risked. Everything inside her yearned to place the pieces into a discernible pattern, something she could give to the king to use. But for the first time in her life, answers eluded her.

 Were the Ancestors punishing her? She stared into the angry gray clouds and questioned. Something she’d rarely had to do. As a Sensitive, she’d always known the truth. Not now. Everything was changing, evolving, yielding, one day into the next, a whirlwind she couldn’t stop.

 Despair. She could feel the pain in the air, like a blade suspended in time, destined to kill through the ages, destined to harm. A tear slid down her cheek. She was supposed to save her people. She’d always known it. But how?

3 Responses to “Kinley Baker Featured Guest”
  1. Olivia says:

    Thank you for visiting our forum. I’m definitely going to check out your Misbehaving Magic. I think a grumpy fairy sounds like it could be really promising.
    Also agree that shorter series are better. Stand alones and trilogies are great.

  2. Teresa says:

    Hi Kinley! Thank you for stopping by! I am a fan of stand alones, and trilogies. Like you, there are series I wish would never end, but most I get bored with after awhile!

  3. Kinley Baker says:

    Thank you, Olivia! Glad to hear you like trilogies. They’ve been a favorite of mine to read lately, so I hope authors keep writing them. I hope you enjoy the grumpy fairy!

    Thanks, Teresa! I agree with you. I have very few series left that I still buy for past book ten. Those series are totally worth it though.

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