Vlkolak King is the fourth book in The Gothic Memoirs Series.  This in-depth book takes us into Nadija and Alexei’s past and James’ ascent to the throne.
I am completely enthralled with these books and their colorful characters who continue to evolve and develop.  I never imagined the twist that occurred in Nadija and Alexei’s life together, and it took the story to a whole new level.  I am amazed at how much Nadija’s character has grown since the first book.  The level of responsibility she feels for her subjects is really intense, but she has a way of coming out ahead when things are at their worst.  Her perseverance is the thing I love most about her character.  I didn’t really feel the chemistry between her and Alexei in the second book, but know that I have learned about their past I feel that they have really come around as a couple.  There is still a chemistry that Nadija shares with James, but I see now how their friendship really works.

Vlkolak King is an amazing read.  The author weaves a story that is very intricate and yet easy to follow.  I like the way she adds moments of lightness and humor amid storylines that can be very dark.  As usual, Armusik does a splendid job setting the mood and building suspense to draw the reader in. From the very beginning the book had my full of attention, and it pained me to have to put it down.  This is now my favorite book in the series and I can’t wait to see what’s next.  

There aren’t words to describe Armusik as a writer.  I find it hard to believe these books are her first published works because she is an expert in her craft.  The first book blew me away, but the story becomes better and better as she goes.  Armusik writes with so much emotion you can really tell these books are a labor of love for her.


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In the fourth novel of the epic Gothic tale, Nadija finds herself in the middle of an imminent war just as she’s planning her much-anticipated wedding to Alexei. Struggling to keep her family safe and her opposition at bay, Nadija begins to feel the pressure of her throne and destiny.

As time ticks away before she has to give Lucifer his answer and the Vlkolak struggle to regain power and respect, Nadija is forced to make political decisions that will incite more dissent than ever.

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