The Psychic is a short story about a woman named Beryl who was left pretty much destitute after the death of her husband. As a way of making money, she decides to perform psychic

This may very well be my shortest review ever, but at fifteen pages this was a very short story. The author, Margarita Felices, sent me this book along with another work in return for an honest review.

Although short, this was a well written little tale. The storyline wasn’t really unpredictable. I wasn’t totally surprised by the outcome the story, but I still appreciated the characters, and the style of her storytelling. With a story this short I feel it is imperative to capture the reader’s attention immediately for it to be successful, and that is just what the author did. Felices proved that you can still produce a complete story with substance in just a few short pages.

The Psychic was a fun little read for me. I liked the fact it was just a simple short story that entertained me for a little while.



Beryl Parker grew up in the old world of fairgrounds and con artists. After years of wedded bliss with Charlie, they had managed the best con ever! But a year later, Charlie dies, leaving Beryl penniless and in hiding. One day while walking through a local market, she sees a sign for a fortune teller and sits nearby to listen in on what was going on. It was perfect! Such a great scam. It wasn’t long before she’s set up her own stall and five years later, she’s living in a grand Victorian house in the best part of Cardiff. She has money in the bank and takes luxurious holidays. But Beryl should watch out who she reads to, because sometimes they come back for more.

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