The Dream Series continues with The Chosen One.  What was thought to be a fable turns out to be true when Alexi finds that his son is the Chosen One. Now he must find a way to protect his family and keep A.J.’s role a secret.

I have really grown to admire Alexi, as I learn of all he has been through. Of course, he wants to hold on to his humanity, but we also get to glimpse his more feral nature.  I am also glad that Quintal has brought his maker, Chloe, into the story and developed the relationship between them.  I liked the fact that all of the characters I have become acquainted with continue to be a part of the story.  Some of them have evolved in ways I couldn’t have imagined.

Having followed the series so far, I was really impressed with this latest installment.  Quintal’s storytelling just continues to get better and better.  This latest story brings much more suspense than the others and she adds even more of the paranormal such as witches and magic.  She has done an excellent job building the suspense and adding the occasional twist to keep you a little unbalanced.

I look forward to seeing more from Quintal, and I am hoping for another book in this series very soon!



Trying to exist undetected in a human world, with a human family is hard enough when you are a Vampire – but finding out your son is also the fabled Chosen One, makes things even more difficult.

Will Alexi’s love be enough to protect his precious child from the powers that be and prevent fate from dealing him yet another cruel blow? Or is he condemned to live out eternity alone……

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