Rachel is a vampire. After being turned, she was betrayed by someone she trusted and her parents were banished from the coven. She sets out to make things right and clear their names. Lonely and wandering on Halloween, she enters a club and meets the gorgeous mortal, Daniel, who happens to have something she has been searching for.

I wish the relationship between Rachel and Daniel would have been a little more established. I needed to see a bit more romance and interaction between them in the beginning of their relationship. Another key character in the story was Rachel’s friend, Arun; I think there is a lot to his story that is left untold. There appears to be sadness in him, and I would love to see him have his chance at a HEA. Overall, I liked the characters in the book.

I enjoy Felices storytelling and this book is a different style from her short story, The Psychic. This particular story had an air of darkness about it, not only in the setting but in the characters themselves. The book reads at a fairly quick pace. I was pleased that the story had many different elements such as romance, action, mystery, suspense, and humor even peeked through in the form of the occasional wise crack. I am curious to see were Felices goes from here.


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JUDGEMENT OF SOULS is a Gothic horror in which a naïve pure-blood Vampire is tossed into the mortal world. Rachel meets Daniel, a nightclub owner and his group of friends and after Daniel’s best friend is murdered by Max, becomes embroiled in the search. Rachel tries to fight off her feelings for Daniel, even siding with her Vampire friend Arun to think again about Daniel’s involvement, but he’s her love and she’s going to protect him, no matter what.

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  1. Margarita says:

    Thanks for the review, I just noticed it on Goodreads. Just for you to know that the prequel will be out soon and there is a bit more of Arun in it, he gets married! And Max starts off the French Revolution. Email me or join my page if you want to know when the release date is or if you’d like an advanced copy for review.

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