Haven’s King is the fourth installment of the Haven’s Realm series.  Jason, an ancient Greek vampire, falls in love with beautiful police officer, Mirissa at first sight and decides he must have her.  To win her he cannot use his vampire influence and his affections can place them both in great danger.

One of the things I liked about this book was that it had such a colorful list of characters: vampires, gods, angels and dragons.  I felt strongly for Jason’s character.  He is an ancient who has been through so much love and loss, but remains a very strong force.  Another character that I was really drawn to was Vincent, a vampire who swears his loyalty to Mirissa in Jason’s absence.  It is implied, to me anyway, that he has had a hard existence and there is a certain sadness to him.  I am really curious to read more about him and I look forward to his book.

This exciting story takes place in modern times, but is blended with Greek mythology.  I really like the way these two elements blended together seamlessly.  The author makes sure there is more than enough action and romance to keep the reader entertained.  This book stood pretty well on its own, but being the third book in the series, I felt like I was missing some information and regretted that I hadn’t had the opportunity to read the first two books.

Monteau has created a series that will appeal to fans of the paranormal genre.  It is well written with marvelous storylines.  Another thing that I really find appealing is that Monteau’s writing style really makes for a fun and easy read.


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Jason, a vampire from Ancient Greece, falls in love at first sight with Mirissa Wellston, a police officer in the small mountain town of Carrington, Georgia. Because she is Protected, he knows his pursuit could shatter the centuries-long Bargain between the Vampire Community and Heaven’s Forces, a Bargain he founded more than six centuries ago. When his interest in her attracts the attention of his ancient gods, it places Carrington and the Community in danger. He knows it will take more than a Golden Fleece to make things right.

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