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November 1st
Wolfishly Yours: Westfield Wolves #6
Lydia Dare
 Untamed: Amoveo Legend #3
Sara Humphreys
Enslaved: Eternal Guardians #5
Elisabeth Naughton


November 6th
The Fangover
Kathy Love, Erin McCarthy
Spellfire: Nightkeepers #8
Jessica Andersen
Bitter Blood: Morganville Vampires #13
Rachel Caine
Darkness Hunts: Dark Angels #4
Keri Arthur
Lord’s Fall: Elder Races #5
Thea Harrison
UF, D, SH, FE, V
Magic for a Price: Allie Beckstrom #9
Devon Monk
Dire Wants: Eternal Wolf Clan #2
Stephanie Tyler
Still Life With Shapeshifter: Shifting Circle @2
Sharon Shinn
Polterheist: Esther Diamond #5
Laura Resnick


November 13th-20th
Fury of Seduction: Dragonfury #3
Coreene Callahan
Night’s Darkest Embrace
Jeaniene Frost
River Road: Sentinels of New Orleans #2
Suzanne Johnson
Echo: Soul Seekers #2
Alyson Noel
Rogue Rider: Lords of Deliverance #4
Larissa Ione
Daughter of the Spellcaster: Portal #2
Maggie Shayne


November 27th
Wild About You: Love at Stake #13
Kerrelyn Sparks
Drive Me Wild: Others #14
Christine Warren
Kiss of Surrender: Deadly Angels #2
Sandra Hill
Shadow’s Claim: Immoratls After Dark, Dacians #1
Kresley Cole
Moonshifted: Edie Spence #2
Cassie Alexander
Steel’s Edge: Edge #4
Ilona Andrews
Undead to the World: Bloodhound Files #6
D.D. Barant
Angel in Chains: Fallen #3
Cynthia Eden
Midnight’s Warrior: Dark Warrior #4
Donna Grant
Kept: Coveted #2
Shawntelle Madison
Lust for Life: Ciara Griffin #4
Jeri Smith-Ready
King of the Damned: League of Guardians #2
Juliana Stone
Dark Dealings
Kim Knox

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Resisting Velocity

High Velocity #1

Trinity Evans and Xoe Xanders

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Elysium Fields, LLC

ISBN: 9781301487264


Number of pages: 185 pages through Kindle

Word Count: 60,000 words

Cover Artist: Xoe Xanders

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Book Description:

As frontman of up-and-coming rock band, High Velocity, werewolf Zane Alexander has everything a man could want: Fame, fortune, friendship, and a pack to call home. Well, almost everything. Despite being able to take his pick of pretty much any woman, he wants the one girl he can’t have—the one girl who’s eluded his every advance.

Charlie Banks has always had a thing for Zane, but being the band’s head of security, she knows firsthand just the sort of guy he is. She’s determined not to become just another notch on his bedpost, but if doesn’t stop the want for a mate curling in her gut. It’ll happen, someday—it just won’t be Zane. She’s decided that it’s time to leave High Velocity, to find a nice little home and settle down to live the rest of her life, away from sexy smiles and ripped bodies of rock stars.

But when someone threatens Zane’s life, she’s the only one he wants to protect him. Except, Zane has a hidden agenda. One that involves claiming Charlie as his mate, once and for all.




About the Authors:

Trinity Evans is an upbeat, slightly off-color author with a wild imagination and a taste for the eclectic. Born and raised in a small-town Americana, she loves the lighter and fluffier side of life with some paranormal spice thrown in. She definitely enjoys the more comical side of relationships. She adores hearing from fans and you can find her at

Xoe Xanders is a quirky small-town punk princess whose ideas range from dark and dangerous to light and fluffy. She enjoys writing in the vein of paranormal, fantasy, and soft sci-fi, all of it with a romantic edge. She believes that love is love—no matter what gender, race, or color—and writes both straight and LBGT romance. Wanna stalk her? You can find her site at

Trinity Evans Web/Blog:

Xoe Xanders Web/Blog:

Twitter: @xoexanders



Breathing in short, sharp breaths, Zane followed her through the winding corridors of the Richter Stadium, past the women’s bathrooms and down a flight of stairs. He held his breath for a moment as he slid through the remaining security crew. His golden eyes zeroed in on the whipcord lean beauty, a few dark curls coiling down from the sensible bun she always wore it in. 

She stopped, hesitating right outside the doors. Two more steps and he’d lose her to the nightlife, his identity keeping him from following her any farther. If fans saw him, his life would become a hurricane of screams and groping hands. He wasn’t in the mood to put on his usual charming-playboy air to deal with them and he knew that going furry on their asses would damage his career.

Now or never. As she stepped out, he lurched forward, his pulse pounding furiously at his throat, and he crossed the floor in three strides. His fingers curled around her shoulders, firm and commanding, though he knew she hated it when he pulled the alpha role. She spun and her lips formed a thin line, as if she’d been expecting this. She’d known. You couldn’t really lie to pack and get away with it.

“Charlie.” The one word was all he could say before her eyes pinned him. They were pale as a sheet of blue ice, staring up at him with a gentle ferocity that she’d only ever reserved for him. He had no doubts that she wanted him—he’d smelled it on her in the past, saw the way she looked at him sometimes, as if she was seeing through to his soul—but she was wary. Guarded. The walls around her heart were made of marble and he was left pounding both fists against the cool stone.

“You can’t leave.” His words were a statement. A fact.

“I can and I am,” she replied coolly.

“What about the guys? What about High Velocity? You’re just going to throw it all away?” He was surprised at the intensity behind his words, but he was far from done. “Are we not paying you enough? There’s always ways around that. How much will it take?”

She blew out a harsh expel of air and glanced down at his hand clamped around her arm, but she didn’t bother to pull away. Her winter gaze met his molten gold once more. “I’ve made my decision, Zane. You need to respect it. There comes a time in everyone’s career where they have to make a choice and take a stand. This is it. I’ve put in my notice, I’ve followed protocol. There shouldn’t be a problem.”

A growl slid up his throat, escaping with a rumble. “I don’t give a damn about protocol. You could flash your tits to the crowd if you wanted and we still wouldn’t fire you. I don’t care. You’re part of our group. And, like it or not, you’re part of the pack. My pack.”

“You and I both know that I’ve never really been part of the pack.” Her voice carried a touch of wistfulness. She was right—she’d always been a bit of a loner, keeping herself estranged from the members of Elysium, try as his parents might to welcome her in. But she’d never been distant with Zane and the guys and he wasn’t about to let that happen. Not now.

“You’re staying.” 

She lifted a brow. “Since when are you my master?”

“Since you started talking crazy shit about leaving us!” He tamped his anger back down. He never had a temper. What was up with him? He took a deep breath, letting it whistle out his nose as he tried to soften his posture, tried to be less demanding. “We need you. Okay? I respect your decision to quit, but you don’t have to skip town and leave us. Just stay.” Please… 

Her smile was tight. She shook her head slowly, like he just didn’t get it, and pulled free of his grasp. “Goodbye, Zane.”

His mind spun, thoughts bouncing off the walls of his head as he tried to scrape ideas together in a last-minute rush. He needed more time. He needed a damn good reason for her to stay, but damn it, he couldn’t think! She turned around, agonizingly slow, and he could see the muscles in her back through the crispness of her suit.

“Charlie. One last night.” His voice was soft, a plea in the undercurrent that he cursed himself for exposing. She stopped and he moved forward until his chest was pressed against her back, one arm wrapping around her waist. He pulled her against him, her body cupping his perfectly, like it was made for him.

She stiffened, but he didn’t let her go. His arm snug around her, he rubbed his chin lightly across the back of her neck, letting the stubble scrape gently against her skin. He murmured in her ear, using the sexiest voice he could muster. His beautiful-girl voice. “Go for a run with me. Tonight. One run.”

He’d figure something out between then and now. He’d get her back.

Resisting Velocity is the story of rock star Zane Alexander.  Zane is the lead singer of the band High Velocity and he and his band mates are wolves.  Zane is wildly attracted to Charlie Banks, his head of security.  Charlie acknowledges the mutual attraction, but she doesn’t want to be another notch on the womanizer’s bed post.  Zane is beside himself when Charlie decides to quit her job and seeks to find a way to keep her by his side.

I really liked the characters in the story.  They are all fun, sexy, and witty.  Although Zane is certainly the Alpha and leader of the pack all of the characters are strong.  Aside from the main characters I really like Benji with his quiet strength and his kind heart.  Parker, another member of the band, is the slightly obnoxious and egotistical lovable jerk.

There were a few editing mistakes that I noticed while reading that I hope are addressed in the future.  Another issue I had was that when I was really getting into a scene, sometimes it would abruptly change, leaving me just a tad bewildered.  Aside from those few issues, the authors provided the reader with a fast -paced, and fun read.

After reading the first book in the series I realized that there are some aspects that need some tweaking.  However, I really do love the love the concept of the story.  The authors left me anxious to see what happens to the other members of the band, and would be happy to give the next book a try!



As frontman of up-and-coming rock band, High Velocity, werewolf Zane Alexander has everything a man could want: Fame, fortune, friendship, and a pack to call home. Well, almost everything. Despite being able to take his pick of pretty much any woman, he wants the one girl he can’t have—the one girl who’s eluded his every advance.

Charlie Banks has always had a thing for Zane, but being the band’s head of security, she knows firsthand just the sort of guy he is. She’s determined not to become just another notch on his bedpost, but if doesn’t stop the want for a mate curling in her gut. It’ll happen, someday—it just won’t be Zane. She’s decided that it’s time to leave High Velocity, to find a nice little home and settle down to live the rest of her life, away from sexy smiles and ripped bodies of rock stars.

But when someone threatens Zane’s life, she’s the only one he wants to protect him. Except, Zane has a hidden agenda. One that involves claiming Charlie as his mate, once and for all.

The Psychic is a short story about a woman named Beryl who was left pretty much destitute after the death of her husband. As a way of making money, she decides to perform psychic

This may very well be my shortest review ever, but at fifteen pages this was a very short story. The author, Margarita Felices, sent me this book along with another work in return for an honest review.

Although short, this was a well written little tale. The storyline wasn’t really unpredictable. I wasn’t totally surprised by the outcome the story, but I still appreciated the characters, and the style of her storytelling. With a story this short I feel it is imperative to capture the reader’s attention immediately for it to be successful, and that is just what the author did. Felices proved that you can still produce a complete story with substance in just a few short pages.

The Psychic was a fun little read for me. I liked the fact it was just a simple short story that entertained me for a little while.



Beryl Parker grew up in the old world of fairgrounds and con artists. After years of wedded bliss with Charlie, they had managed the best con ever! But a year later, Charlie dies, leaving Beryl penniless and in hiding. One day while walking through a local market, she sees a sign for a fortune teller and sits nearby to listen in on what was going on. It was perfect! Such a great scam. It wasn’t long before she’s set up her own stall and five years later, she’s living in a grand Victorian house in the best part of Cardiff. She has money in the bank and takes luxurious holidays. But Beryl should watch out who she reads to, because sometimes they come back for more.

Rachel is a vampire. After being turned, she was betrayed by someone she trusted and her parents were banished from the coven. She sets out to make things right and clear their names. Lonely and wandering on Halloween, she enters a club and meets the gorgeous mortal, Daniel, who happens to have something she has been searching for.

I wish the relationship between Rachel and Daniel would have been a little more established. I needed to see a bit more romance and interaction between them in the beginning of their relationship. Another key character in the story was Rachel’s friend, Arun; I think there is a lot to his story that is left untold. There appears to be sadness in him, and I would love to see him have his chance at a HEA. Overall, I liked the characters in the book.

I enjoy Felices storytelling and this book is a different style from her short story, The Psychic. This particular story had an air of darkness about it, not only in the setting but in the characters themselves. The book reads at a fairly quick pace. I was pleased that the story had many different elements such as romance, action, mystery, suspense, and humor even peeked through in the form of the occasional wise crack. I am curious to see were Felices goes from here.



JUDGEMENT OF SOULS is a Gothic horror in which a naïve pure-blood Vampire is tossed into the mortal world. Rachel meets Daniel, a nightclub owner and his group of friends and after Daniel’s best friend is murdered by Max, becomes embroiled in the search. Rachel tries to fight off her feelings for Daniel, even siding with her Vampire friend Arun to think again about Daniel’s involvement, but he’s her love and she’s going to protect him, no matter what.

Image of Rebekah ArmusikLadies and Gentlemen, please welcome Rebekah Armusik, author of the epic series, 13 Gothic Memoirs!

Rebekah is joining us today to answer some questions for us and to share with everyone her great series.

Ms Armusik is offering all of you a giveaway you don’t want to miss! Two lucky winners will get ebooks of the first 3 titles in the series. A third winner will receive an autographed print copy of the soon to be released Vlkolak King, the 4th in the series! Simply leave a comment after the interview and you are entered to win! The winners will be chosen at random on 10/29/12.


And now, without further ado, I give you Rebekah Armusik!


Hi Rebekah! Thank you for stopping by VRB today! We are so happy to have you with us!

Will you tell us a little about yourself?

 I was born in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania in an area that was predominately Slovak. Growing up in this environment, surrounded by the rich culture, supernatural fascination, and folklore, truly molded me into who I am today and had a huge impact on my series. My grandmother, who lived one house down from me growing up, is a gifted story teller and her legends and tales became the very inspiration for my novels.

As a child, she would gather the neighborhood children on her front steps and tell us stories of the “old country”.  Often, they were dark, morbid, and deeply romantic – I was enthralled. I was so enraptured by the darkness and beauty – the conflict and desire for redemption, that even as a young child, I knew I wanted to write and began dreaming of the world I have created.


What do you enjoy when you aren’t writing?

Well, my husband is a well-known classical painter with a demanding clientele and we have three young children that we home school. Most days, we are either running around dropping off paintings, hosting dinner parties,  or assisting Barbie in another costume change while trying to avoid stepping on a Lego. Life in the Armusik home is never dull and certainly never boring. But I enjoy working in my herb garden, antiquing, cooking, and watching my husband paint – even after 16 years, the process leaves me breathless.


From reading your bio I understand writing has always been a passion, was there ever anything else you wanted to be?

I never wanted to be anything but a writer! By the time I was 11, I was writing short stories and dreaming of being published. My mother has an MA in Literature and always read to my brother and me.  My parents enforced and encouraged an appreciation for literature, education, and social graces – in my family, they were as important as air. I am truly grateful for my childhood and the life my parents gave my brother and me.


How do family and friends respond to your writing?

My family is extremely supportive! My mother and sister-in-law take the time to read my drafts and offer advice that I greatly appreciate. I know for certain that my mother, a writer and educator herself, is very proud of what I have accomplished and is continually encouraging me to keep going. I am very blessed.

My husband is my biggest supporter – he creates all the artwork for my novels. Each cover is actually an oil painting that he takes the time to create especially for me. We’ll sit and discuss the subject matter, come up with a sketch, and allow it to grow. I love that my vision, no matter how complex, can come to life – I’m very fortunate to have this luxury.


What dreams have been realized as a result of your writing?

For me, the dream was simply telling my story – the story that has been developing, growing and maturing since I was a child. I love receiving fan mail because I enjoy hearing how the work has impacted the lives of my readers


What is your first work to ever be published?

Book one in the series, Memoirs of a Gothic Soul.


I am a fan of the Gothic Memoirs series, when did the idea for it first come to you, and what inspired it?

The title and concept first came to me when I was 16. At that time, it was more of an autobiographical novel about my life growing up in a Slovak area and my grandmother’s fantastic tales. However, slowly, it began to change. By the time I was finishing college, I decided to change the concept of the series to a fictional novel with an autobiographical tone. In other words, I would put myself in the tales that I dreamt about and bridge the gap between reality and fantasy. I believe this is what is so different about my work from other paranormal fantasy because there is a deep level of believability – nothing is manufactured and I never follow a template or formula.  In my opinion, the work is organic and sincere because it reflects my life experiences, rather than distancing my readers by creating a wall of fantastic fiction. When writing, I chose to engage my fans on a personal level and do that easily and effortlessly through Nadija – she experiences life as a real person, not a work of fiction which is so appealing and refreshing to my audience. I meant for the series to read as a journal, a memoir that allows the reader to engage with Nadija on a very intimate level. You are privy to her thoughts, fears, and doubts enabling the reader to know her so personally; she becomes a close and cherished friend.

I believe when we are stripped naked of all our inhibitions, we are the most honest and beautiful. That is why I chose to write the series in first person. We never have to surmise or assume what Nadija is feeling because we are always inside her head – eager witnesses to her raw and uncensored emotions and thoughts.


Will you tell the readers a little bit about the series?

The series is difficult to summarize even under the most ideal circumstances – I always find this question to be terribly daunting. How do you simply describe an epic adventure, and without ruining the surprises and allure of the story?  I never feeling comfortable describing it as a vampire series because my vampires are fallen angels and not the stereotypical vampires that most expect. Though it’s deeply romantic, that is not the primary focus either. The novels are so layered it’s difficult to give it one clear explanation.

I have always been fascinated by Jewish mysticism, Catholicism, and witchcraft – and not necessarily in that order.  All of these passions shaped the novels and somehow, I was able to make it all work.

My tale begins before time was recorded, during the first celestial war when God threw Lucifer into hell and separated his army. Some remained neutral and God felt that He could not trust these angels to remain in heaven and serve Him well, so He banished them to Earth as punishment.  The fallen had to adapt and because they were not born, but created, their bodies adjusted and mutated – hence the need for blood.

Without ruing the story, I also have incorporated the legends of Lilith, the first wife of Adam. Throughout history, Lilith has been demonized; she has been called the first vampire, a succubus, and sadly, the cause of stillborn deaths. But, I never liked or bought that idea. She simply didn’t dig Adam and in my opinion, that’s not a sufficient reason to make her the origin all things rancid and foul. So, taking some artistic license, I made her an ethereal goddess who catches the eye of Samuel- the Arch Angel of the elements and master of the wind. They fall in love and have 7 daughters with angelic blood and gifts.  Thus, the Guardian race is born and is, eventually, critical in helping the fallen adapt to their life on Earth.

However, the story is told in present day through the voice of Nadija, a young woman from the line of Lilith. She is not aware of her linage because her grandmother has kept it a secret for own selfish reasons.  Though it’s rooted in the past, it’s relatable because it’s told in a present and modern voice. I want to engage the audience, not distance them, and I achieve this by welcoming them to be part of the story, to be present on the journey.  Consequently, the reader learns most of the dramatic back stories from the characters that assist Nadija on her adventure to becoming the active Guardian Queen.


Do you have a favorite book in the series? If so, what is it and why?

Personally, I love them all for different reasons but I have to say that my favorite so far is Lucifer Rising. I just love Lizzy and her love affair with the first Vlkolak King. When I finished writing that story I was a mess and needed a drink. I become so involved and entwined with my characters, it’s utterly maddening!


If Gothic Memoirs were to be made into a movie who would you choose to play Nadija, Alexei, and James?

God help anyone who has to work with me! I am so attached to my characters and the tone and feel of the work, that it’s almost sickening. I take being a control freak to a new and unhealthy level!

For Nadija, I would choose Jessica Brown Findlay – I love her work on Downton Abbey and knew immediately that she was perfect to play Nadija. Dija is complex; she is strong, elegant, well-spoken, sarcastic, and terribly self-deprecating and it would take an actress who is multi-faceted to do her justice.

For Alexei, I would choose Henry Cavill. Primarily because Alexei has such a sophisticated charm and a sense of humor that needs to be interpreted properly and I think Henry Cavill could easily translate that.

James is the worst and is probably the most difficult to cast. I have yet to find someone that could do him justice. I’ll keep looking!


I am really starting to love the character of James, who is your favorite and why?

I love James too! He is so tragic and easy to pick on but my favorite character will always be Nadija – I know her the best. But I love writing each character for different reasons.


Do you know how many books are going to be in the series?

There will be 13 in this series – they are mapped out and loosely written. After I finish, I plan on telling the entire tale from the beginning from Lilith’s point of view. So, in the end, the entire story may have 26 to 30 books.


The series seems to be such a massive undertaking.  Do you ever feel intimidated or overwhelmed while writing it?

Never! I write in my head all day. Then, after the children go to bed, I sit and purge. Most times, I feel like I’m channeling the story, almost as if it all took place in some other time and dimension and I’m just the conduit and translator. It’s really hard to describe. Often, I just let the characters tell me what they want and need and though I don’t always agree, I allow them the respect of knowing what is best for them.


Do you have any rituals you go through when preparing to write?

This is where I can lie and tell you I make a pot of tea and put on some old magick sweater but I’ll tell you the truth.  I always write in full make-up – I can’t have my character’s see me looking awful and I always write in bed. This is the sad and crazy truth – I swear. I’ve tried to write in my husband’s office, at the dining room table, and the kitchen table and it just doesn’t happen. I end up re-arranging the furniture, dusting the fireplaces, and picking up Barbie shoes, or half eaten candy. But, in my bed, I’m a writing wizard. It’s just nuts.


 Is there anything you have written that you were fond of but never came to be published?

I have books upon books of poetry. Someday I may publish it and include graphic work. I have entertained the idea of having some artist friends interpret a piece and translate it visually. I never stop working, so I’m sure it will come to fruition someday.


 What are you working on now? Can you tell us about it?

I am currently writing the 5th book in the series titled, In the Shadows of Eden. This novel goes even deeper into the past as Nadija and Alexei are given their memories back by the Arch Angel Michael. The readers will get to know the main characters in a completely new and more intimate way – if that is even possible to fathom. And again, without spoiling it for future readers, this book really begins to turn the story around because now, we can understand the past, through Nadija and Alexei first hand.  In my opinion, this is the novel that will change and shape the series – it is truly beautiful and utterly romantic.


Rebekah, I’d like to thank you again for stopping by VRB today.  Is there anything you would like to add or say to the readers out there?

 I just wish to express my gratitude for the invitation – I am deeply honored!

I also want to let everyone know that in celebration of the Vlkolak King’s release, I am lowering the KINDLE version of Memoirs of a Gothic Soul to 99 cents for the rest of the month.  For further information on the Gothic Memoirs series, go to

Rebekah Armusik’s 13 Gothic Memoirs series Books 1-3!

Book 4’s review, coming soon!


Memoirs of a Gothic Soul, book 1

Nadija Fey is a young, beautiful woman who is about to graduate from college.  She has a few friends, but she feels apart from those around her.  Her life has been wrought with pain and disappointment.  She decides to move to Prague, and start her life anew and with the intention of writing about vampire lore passed from her Slavic family.  When she arrives, she discovers that vampires really do exist and she is a Guardian.  She meets her great-great grandmother who tells her of her heritage and what her purpose is for the future.  She also helps Nadija develop the powers she didn’t know she had, teaching her that she is special in ways she could never imagine.

Armusik did such a beautiful job creating the characters for this novel, and she made them come to life on the pages.  Nadija’s character is really complex.  She is dark and light all at the same time, she has been through so much hardship in her life and there were times my heart ached for her.  I think a lot of readers are really going to relate to her, because I think many of us have gone through times in life when we wondered where we fit in.  Alexei is a vampire, and Nadija’s twin soul.  He has waited for her arrival for over half a century.  Alexei is also a tortured-soul although it is in a slightly different way.  It is up to him to make Nadija whole.  

After I read this book all I could think was “WOW!” Afterwards, I knew that writing a review for it was going to be difficult simply because I had no idea where to begin.  There is so much to this story it is really hard to express and I don’t want to give it away.  It was very well written and the story was so engrossing there were times I forgot I was reading a book, and before I knew it, hours had passed and I was at the end.

This was a long read, and it is only volume one of this epic story. If you enjoy the Gothic genre you are really going to love this book.

From Amazon:

Nadija Fey is weeks away from graduating college and is eager to escape small-city life. She feels suffocated by her eccentric Slovak family, an abusive ex-boyfriend, and a drug-addicted childhood friend. To her, life seems empty, lonely, and stale. The only consolation she has is a dream to move to Prague and start a new life.

Despite her grandmother’s warnings and the pleas of friends and family to stay, she embarks on her journey to find herself, but to her dismay, Prague seems to harbor more pain and suffering than she anticipated. She is forced to accept a life she never would have chosen for herself—a life her grandmother fought desperately to shield her from.

Nadija quickly finds herself caught in a celestial world struggling to maintain its delicate balance—a balance contingent upon her acceptance of her destiny. And though she finds the love she has always desired, it comes with an awful price—her life.




Mariposa, book 2

Mariposa is the second book of the Gothic Memoirs series.  In this installment, Nadija is adjusting to her life as a vampire and Queen of the Guardians.

Through most of the story, the chemistry between Nadija and Alexei was lacking.  I am not saying this is due to poor writing by Armusik, but because of what was happening in the book, the distance made sense.  Nadija and Alexei are both broken in their own ways, and have issues that they need to overcome.  They know they belong together, but their relationship is something that constantly needs work.  Nadija seems as though she has the world on her shoulders, and I love the way she copes, using sarcasm and wit.  The stand out character in this book, for me, was James.  He is a  Vlkolkak, or werewolf.  His kind is considered a curse and were banished. He carries into the story a lot of issues of his own.  Nadija uses James for feeding and they have developed a bond.  I really enjoyed their chemistry and their loyalty to one another.  I can’t wait to see how he factors into the next story, because I get a feeling he is meant for something big.

To me, this book had a darker feel to it than Memoirs of a Gothic Soul.  There was so much conflict and emotion in this story, and the author really had a knack for conveying the feelings of her characters.   As with the first book, I was glued to the pages and was blown away by this intriguing tale.

Mariposa picks up right where Memoirs of a Gothic soul left off.  The author does not tend to back track, so unless you have read the first book, you may not fully grasp the story and I have to recommend picking up the first book before diving into this one.   I really think Armusik’s writing is phenomenal, and I am looking forward to the next book in the series.


From Amazon:

At the closing of Book 1: Memoirs of a Gothic Soul, Nadija Fey underwent a transformation to save her life. That ending of her mortal life is just the beginning in Mariposa. Though immortal, Nadija is no less of an enigma to those around her. She is the first Guardian to accept the gift of immortality. Some fear her new gifts may threaten the already-tilting balance. Mariposa goes deeper into the epic story and unravels all you know about legends, theology, and history, blending them all into a cohesive map of the delicate balance Nadija is now responsible for maintaining. There are dark secrets, mysterious creatures, and evil surrounds her at every turn. Never has an author taken you through such a range of emotions with such passion and intrigue… Mariposa will challenge all you know about good and evil.




Lucifer Rising, book 3

Lucifer Rising is the third book in the Gothic Memoirs Series. If you have read my other reviews, you know how much I like this series and Lucifer Rising did not disappoint.

Nadija’s character is evolving so well. She is really coming to terms with her role, and seeing herself for who she truly is. Her relationship with Alexei was much improved in this book, a lot of the chemistry that was lacking in the second book returned in this one. As you may already know, James’ character has become a favorite of mine. I love the fact that he has an even more prominent place in the story. We also learn a little more about his feelings and what he wants for himself.  In Lucifer Rising, we learn more about Nadija and Alexei’s family members, the history of the Vlkolak, and more about the fallen as a whole.

There were some spots in the story that moved a little slow, but all in all I was once again impressed with Armusik’s writing. She has a true talent for weaving an engrossing tale. She pours so much feeling into the story that you can’t help but be impressed. The last few chapters of the novel had me on the edge of my seat and the ending left me with my jaw hanging.

I will mention once again that this is probably a series you will want to start from the beginning or you will feel a little lost. Armusik writes the story continuously and doesn’t backtrack. I really like this style, because with some series, I feel like most of the book is a recap of the last; with these books you get straight to the story.

I have heard the series being described as modern Gothic, and I would tend to agree with this. I would also describe it as an epic tale between good and evil. I feel really fortunate that this series was brought to my attention, and cannot wait to read the next one.


From Amazon:

Lucifer Rising, the third novel of the Gothic Memoirs series, reopens the epic tale with startling revelations about the past that leave Nadija staggering. Some of the long-suppressed secrets leave her disappointed and resentful of those she once thought were loyal to her and her throne.

Though disappointed, Nadija continues to secretly plot to rearrange council and assist the Vlkolak in their rise to power. In a series of strategic and surprising political moves, Nadjia begins to unravel the secrets that could potentially keep the Vlkolak king from taking back his throne.

Please welcome Mandy Harbin to VRB! She’s currently touring with Bewitching Book Tours to spread the word on her fantastic book Surrounded By Temptation, the 3rd book in the Woods Family Series. Now through November 9th you can get your own copy of Surrounded by Woods AND the prequel to the series, Surrounded by Death, for free at!


Surrounded by Temptation

Woods Family Series Book 3

By Mandy Harbin

When Krista needs Ariel’s biochemical expertise because her new boyfriend can turn into a mountain lion, Ariel thinks her sister has lost her mind. But the possibility of a major discovery like this is too much of a temptation to ignore. Create a drug to stop a shifter from forcing a mating? Only if she got to test his sexual limits herself.

Rob thinks Ariel is an angel in disguise, and he immediately knows she’s the one for him. But is he strong enough to resist his animal’s need to claim her once the temptation begins?

WARNING:  This book contains a shifter who must resist his feral need to mate and a biochemist who is hell-bent on testing his sexual limits. You’ll never look at science the same way again.

Reader advisory: This book contains graphic language and explicit sex.

Amira Press   Amazon    Nook   ARe




About the Author:

Mandy Harbin is the author of several books across multiple genres that range from young adult to erotic romance.

Her novels include Season’s Change: Summer, a young adult romance, and Darkest Sin, an erotic romantic suspense, both being the first in new series. Mandy also continues to work on her Possession series, which explores BDSM elements with Digital Possession being the series starter, and the ever popular Woods Family series, which began with Surrounded by Woods. She lives in a small Arkansas town with her family and can be reached via her website at


Please enjoy this excerpt of Surrounded by Woods!


Copyright © MANDY HARBIN, 2012

All Rights Reserved, Amira Press, LLC.

When Krista opened the door and they stepped in to Rob’s cabin, Ariel kept her expression even…with great difficulty. Rob was shirtless and bound to a wooden chair. His worn jeans hung low and showed how cut he actually was. His legs were tied to the chair, too. God, his bare feet even looked sexy. But what was the hottest thing about him was his gaze. The way his eyes peered into her. Like they were already alone and he was ready to pounce.

Rob growled, showing fangs, and she gasped. She didn’t know they had fangs like that unless they’d already shifted. Maybe she should’ve gotten some additional information from Krista and Mikaela before walking into the lion’s den. Literally.

“Come,” Rob rasped. “Now.” His arms flexed within their bindings and Ariel went rigid, wondering if they’d hold.

Toby growled next to him, his eyes focused solely on his brother.

“We should get started,” Josh said.

“I-I have the medication right here.” Ariel started to step forward, but Josh threw his hand up, stopping her progression, and moved toward her, blocking her view from Rob.

And apparently Rob didn’t like that because a blood curdling roar came from his direction.

Krista squeaked and jumped next to her at the same time Josh stepped to the side, allowing Rob to see his fill. Toby’s head snapped in Krista’s direction at her distress, then whipped toward Rob. He crouched in front of his brother, a menacing growl slipping pass his lips. Ariel shivered. For some reason the softer growl from Toby sounded more deadly and a hell of a lot more terrifying than the loud roar Rob made.

Rob hissed at Toby and wiggled in his chair, struggling to get free.

Josh stepped up and took the syringe from Ariel. “I’ll do you. You stay here.”

When Ariel starting giving Josh the instructions, Rob’s gaze flew to her, snarling. She quickly finished the steps Josh needed to administer the medication and watched as he approached Rob from the side, making sure to not to block his view of Ariel.

She watched as Josh bent in front of Rob and blindly handed the needle over to Toby. When Josh grabbed the hem of Rob’s jeans, Ariel swallowed. There was no turning back now. She watched in rapt fascination as Josh unfastened Rob’s jeans and slowly slid the zipper down so he could get to the injection site.

“Damn,” Ariel breathed when Rob’s rock hard erection sprang free. He was freaking huge!

Rob had been making low growls and hisses at his brother as he worked the closure on his jeans, but when Ariel spoke, his attention snapped back to her. His growl got softer, broken. What the… Is he purring?

“I think he likes that you find his, um, member impressive,” Krista whispered.

Toby looked at Krista and growled. “You shouldn’t be looking. You only look at me.”

Ariel watched as her sister fought a smile. But she turned to the side, giving her back to them. “Better, sweetie?”

His next growl sounded more like a groan. “I love your ass.”

She wiggled it and the animalistic sound got louder, playful.

“Chill you two,” Mikaela said, then turned to Ariel, “Just like a couple of newlyweds.” She shook her head but smiled. “I think that’s good, Josh.”

“Okay, kitten. I want you and the other ladies to stay over there until we’re sure he won’t break free and the drugs are working.” Josh lifted his arm, needle poised for entry.

“Wait!” Ariel shrieked and quickly stepped forward. She needed to gather as much data as she could. “Can you tell me how you feel?” she asked Rob softly.

“Why don’t you grab my dick and tell me how I feel?”


Rob roared. “That wasn’t a request. You will submit to me. You are mine.”

Without warning, Josh stabbed the needle into Rob’s hip. Rob yelped and hissed at his brother.

Ariel watched him as he struggled in his chair, trying to break free, growling and hissing at everyone, at no one.

Then minutes later, his movements eased, his head falling back as he gasped in air, sweat trickling down his temple. No one moved for what seemed like an eternity. Ariel just watched. Waited.

Rob slowly moved his head, his eyes seeking her. She held her breath as he found her, eager to hear him now that he’d received his first dose.

“I-I think I’m okay.”

“Do you feel like you need to mate with her?” Josh asked.

Rob frowned. “I believe I have control of myself. My lion.”

Ariel stepped closer and Toby tensed beside Rob.

“Can you tell me how you feel now?”

Rob chuckled. “I guess I can’t give you the same answer as before, huh?”

Ariel laughed nervously. He seemed relaxed. He wasn’t growling or hissing or fighting his restraints. She quickly scanned his body. Mostly relaxed. His penis was still fully erect. She turned to Josh. “Take his vital signs. Let’s make sure he’s not about to have a heart attack before I continue.” She dug into her bag, pulling out a swab kit. “And here, take this and swab the inside of his cheek while you’re at it.”

Josh worked quickly as Ariel watched. The three brothers seemed to be staring at each other intently. Then she saw an infinitesimal shake of Rob’s head.

“They’re speaking telepathically.”

Ariel nodded. A few weeks ago she was knee deep in compost and now she was about to be on her knees… um, yeah. She knew. Her nerves were back in full force now that Rob seemed to be doing well under the medication.

“This is amazing!” Josh said as he clapped Rob on the back. “You seem healthy as a horse. I can’t believe you’re not trying to fight to get to her anymore.”

“Let’s not do a victory dance yet,” Ariel warned. “This is all part of the process.”

“Right, of course,” Josh said, grinning. He looked at Rob and chuckled. Then he looked at his mate. “I think we can go.”

“C’mon, Krista,” Mikaela said. “We need to get Jack medicated, too.”

Toby watched Rob, eyes narrowing. “You’re sure you’re in control? If you hurt one hair on her head, I will make you bleed. Understood?”

Rob nodded.

Toby straightened and walked toward Krista. “I can stay. Whatever she’s going to do, I can watch from the other side of the room to make sure he doesn’t do anything to hurt her. She’s very tiny and he’s incredibly strong.”

Ariel’s face got really hot all of the sudden. No way in hell did she want a witness to this next part. She glanced at Rob, trying to think of something quickly to say that’d keep her from having an audience.

Rob’s head cocked to the side as he watched her. Without looking away, he said, “That won’t be necessary, bro.”

Toby made a frustrated sound at the back of his throat. His eyes on his mate. “It’s your call, baby.”

Krista looked at Ariel. Ariel hoped the pleading in her eyes was working.

“Let’s go, sweetie, and leave her to her work.”

Ariel sighed, relieved.

Toby’s shoulders relaxed as he wound his arm around his mate. “Okay.”

“You will let us know the minute you need something, anything. Right?” Krista gave Ariel a stern look, and Ariel nodded.

“Good luck,” Mikaela said, a small smile playing at her lips as she and Josh left. Krista and Toby left right behind them. Her sister looked one last time over her shoulder before shutting the door.

Ariel was now alone with Rob. The relieved feeling from moments ago now gone. There really was no backing out. The compound had worked. She’d seen it with her own eyes. He was virile and determined to have her one minute then lucid and calm the next. Still sexy has hell though. God, she needed to let that thought go. Rob was hot, not doubt about that, but she was here to do a job. A job she was beginning to wonder if she could keep herself detached in order to complete.

Just do it.

She walked toward Rob. He watched her. Eyes not animalistic. Teeth not fangs. Just watched like someone who was curious about what movie was showing at the theater. But as she got closer, she noticed the muscles in his forearms corded. There seemed to be more lurking behind the surface than his calm curiosity.

“Um, okay.” Her voice cracked, so she took a steadying breath. “This is a bit unorthodox—“

“Compared to what? The family of werewolves who live in Dallas?” Ariel gasp and he chuckled. “Kidding, angel.”

She laughed nervously, realizing that part of her nerves was due to how attractive this man was. This would be so much easier if he were hideous, like a mangy old alley cat, missing an eye and covered in bald patches.

“Right, well, unorthodox is subjective in this sense.” She took a few steps closer. Now he had to tilt his head up to look at her. “What I mean is the way I’m going to test the effectiveness of this drug and your endurance to it isn’t what I’d call standard protocol.”

“I’ll do whatever you want.”

Ariel cleared her throat and shifted her weight to her other leg, stalling. Here goes nothing. She stepped right up into his personal space. “Do you find me attractive?”

A small growl rumbled in his chest, but he didn’t let it out. “Incredibly. You’re the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen, and animal or not, I would love nothing more than to be buried deep inside you.”

Good. If only his animal side wanted her, then she wasn’t sure how well this testing method would work. She smiled at him, her tongue slipping out to wet her lips. Rob watched as she traced her upper lip, and he moaned softly.

“I’m going to tease you, Rob. You’ll be surrounded by temptation greater than any you’ve ever experienced. I’m going to drive you so insane with want that you’ll be begging me for it.”

I’m very excited to welcome the fabulous Roxanne Rhoads to VRB!  Roxanne is touring with Bewitching Book Tours for her new book Hex and the Single Witch. She has dropped by VRB today to share her new book with us and also written a guest post for our enjoyment.

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Hex and the Single Witch

Vehicle City Vampires Book One

By Roxanne Rhoads

Publisher: Bewitching Books

Genre: Paranormal Romance / Urban Fantasy

Word Count: 83,000


Anwyn Rose is descended from a long line of powerful witches yet she can barely cast spells young witchlings have mastered. She has one functioning witch gift, the power of knowing, which she puts to good use as a Detective on Flint’s Preternatural Investigation Team.

It’s a new era in Vehicle City, supernaturals are running the town.

The P.I.T has their hands full with paranormal crimes. Top priority is a serial killer, who appears to be a vampire, draining young women in the city.

Anwyn is on the case with her sexy partner Detective Mike Malone. Complicating things is her relationship Galen, a vampire who looks more guilty than innocent, although Anwyn trusts her instincts even if her power is on the fritz.

Mysterious spells, compromising situations, and a possible demon on the loose make it hard to focus on the case, but Anwyn has to make things right before the human police execute the wrong vampire.

Hex and the Single Witch contains magick, a little bit of mystery, a lot of supernatural mayhem, and a sexy love triangle that will leave you wanting more.

Amazon Kindle     Smashwords   Barnes and Noble    Print



About the Author:

Story strumpet, tome loving tart, eccentric night owl…these words describe book publicist and erotic romance author Roxanne Rhoads.

When not fulfilling one the many roles being a wife and mother of three require, Roxanne’s world revolves around words…reading them, writing them, editing them, and talking about them. In addition to writing her own stories she loves to read, promote and review what others write.

Roxanne is the owner of Bewitching Book Tours and operates Fang-tastic Books, a book blog dedicated to paranormal and urban fantasy books.

When not reading, writing, or promoting Roxanne loves to hang out with her family, craft, garden and search for unique vintage finds.

Visit her online

Author blog

Book Blog

Bewitching Book Tours,


Twitter @RoxanneRhoads

Roxanne can also be found on Linked InGoodreads and Google+


Vampires: Dead, Undead, or Something Else

Guest Blog by Roxanne Rhoads


In most myths, legends and even in plenty of popular fiction vampires are described as either dead or undead, sometimes referred to as walking corpses.

No heartbeat, no need to breathe, no need to eat food or drink anything other than blood.

Honestly all that doesn’t make a whole hell of a lot of sense to me.

For me vampires are different and extraordinary creatures- and not dead at all. Just different.

I can understand them being described as dead in the early incarnations. Because before the Gothic literature of the 1800s romanticized vampires early myths and legends portrayed them as monsters- grotesque walking corpses. More like today’s zombies than the sexy, romantic and sometimes sparkling vampires that we often envision them to be.

I see being changed into as vampire as a transformation, not death- at least not completely. It is death and rebirth. A catalyst that transforms a person from human to Other. Changing from human to vampire is the death of the normal human life but not a true death.

I simply can’t wrap my head around the concept of a vampire being dead because of several things.

One they need to feed to “survive”. If you need to survive then obviously you’re not really dead, are you?

Another thing- rapid healing abilities. If you can heal, how can you be dead? Dead things don’t heal.

Other things I don’t agree with are the cold skin and lack of heartbeat and breathing. I think vampires are evolved and don’t need to breath as often as humans and their hearts don’t beat like ours- and the slowness of their heartbeat and breaths has something to do with the whole immortality thing.

And the cold skin… when they get cold that just means they need to feed, if they are fully fed their skin is just as warm as ours.

That brings me to the need for blood. As I mentioned I see vampirism as a transformation, a disease or mutation that changes the human body into something else, something more. It changes the metabolism and the higher functions of the body. To keep these processes going the body burns up its blood supply and constantly needs to be replenished.

The other powers of vampires- the glamour and mind control and all that, even the teleportation and shape shifting that some can do…well that goes into the magic slot.

I think vampirism is one part disease two parts magic.

In many of my stories the vampires defy the normal vampire conventions. They eat, they walk in daylight, they have heartbeats, and they breathe (usually). I try not to describe them as dead or undead and I don’t often stick them in coffins or in the ground.

In my newest book, Hex and the Single Witch, the vampires are all a little different from each other. Some have issues with sunlight, some do not, some have silver sensitivities some do not.

This is because there are many species of Others (fae, demon, shifter, witch, etc) than have interbred with humans over the centuries. When a human is turned into a vampire the dormant powers inside them become active. Most humans will never know they have “Other” blood inside them until the catalyst of becoming a vampire brings that dormant power to the surface. In addition vampires also gain some of their abilities and powers from the vampire that made them, their sire. The result is a species of vampires that have a wide variety of powers and abilities. Which is why they are so hard to track, kill or fight- you never know what you’re going up against when you deal with a vamp.

A 100% human with no “Other” blood inside will not survive the change into a vampire.

In the Vehicle City Vampire series I wanted to take all the myths, legends and variances of vampire abilities, mix them all up and create an explanation as to why vampires are so different. I hope that readers will enjoy my take on vampirism.


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