If you are getting a little tired of reading the typical Paranormal romance book where girl-meets-Vampire and they instantly fall for each other with no rhyme or reason, then Tegan’s Blood may be the little bit of fresh air that you need.  It is a refreshing read with a strong character that sticks to her guns and doesn’t allow anyone to push her around, not even a very sexy Vampire named Ethan. Ethan, and all other vampires around her, is instantly attracted to Tegan and she can’t trust that Ethan doesn’t just want her for her blood. There are other worries as well; she has to deal with Witches, Dhamphir’s (half human/ half vampire) and Vampire Slayers, all of whom are very interested in her and all of them could take her life if they find out what she really is.

Throughout the story, Tegan is thrown into a world of unknown chaos and war. She is forced to make one difficult decision after another.  Without knowing who to trust, she has to rely strictly on instinct to protect herself and to keep her blood secret.  You can almost see that the author, herself, was unsure of what path to choose for her character as she walks a fine line between all opposing sides.

I really appreciated that the author made Tegan seem so realistic. However, the writing style is a little robotic and doesn’t flow as well as I would like.  The romance in the story isn’t really there for me, but I think that it is almost done on purpose. You do get a good idea where the main relationship may head in a future book and you do get a good look into her life with other characters as well.

All in all I think that Tegan’s Blood, although it took a little getting used to, was worth it.  I am looking forward to the second book in the Ultimate Power Series.


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Her heart is broken and bleeding. But her blood is going to get her into trouble.

Tegan wonders if it is possible to die of a broken heart. For over two months she has grieved and not left the confines of her apartment in Tribane city. Following her friend Nicky’s advice, she is now going to step outside and start her life over again.

On her very first night outdoors, Tegan joins her friends at the Crimson club where she draws the attention of the mysterious owner, Ethan Cristescu. She is not entirely sure why this beautiful man is so interested in her, but she has a feeling there is something not quite right about him.

As she falls deeper into Ethan’s world, Tegan makes some shocking discoveries about who she really is, and finally uncovers the true face of her home city. Tribane is inhabited by vampires, dhamphirs, slayers, witches and warlocks. The problem is, they all want Tegan for her very special blood.

She doesn’t want to hide again, but she also doesn’t want these creatures to capture her. Tegan has a difficult decision to make. Should she run away or stand and fight?

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