In Blood Stone, the second book in the Blood Knot series, Nial, Sebastian, and Winter are back and are working with Calum Garrett to further their intentions of bringing the vampire race out to the public. Tracy Cooper-Posey is a master at MMF stories and this one is no exception. While I was very excited to see the three characters from Blood Knot return, nothing is lost on the development and bond built between the characters of Calum, Kate, and Roman. Right away I felt connected to the story and had the pleasure of feeling the ups and downs and tug-of-war of emotions the characters fought through. As with every MMF book that I’ve read by Tracy Cooper-Posey, the relationship is so flawlessly interwoven, it never feels like three people, but one entity that simply couldn’t exist without each of the pieces. The sex scenes are seductive and breathtaking but at no time does it take over the other aspects of the story.
Blood Stone was filled with a perfect balance of sex, seduction, emotional struggles, and suspense that will leave any urban fantasy, erotic, or paranormal romance reader completely satisfied and begging for more.



Nial orders Calum Garrett to get close to Hollywood producer Kate Lindenstream. Garrett reluctantly complies for he has held himself apart from humans for centuries. Kate doesn’t fall into Garrett’s arms, either. She already has someone for that. Roman Xerus – whom Kate knows as Adrian — and Garrett go way back to the sixteenth century Scottish highlands, but they parted bitterly two hundred years ago.
With Roman’s support, Kate battles Garrett in wills and business as he methodically forces himself into her life. However, on the closed-in movie set in the Californian desert, Garrett’s calm, orderly world crumbles for Garrett is drawn to Kate. He has begins to experience real, human feelings.
Kate doesn’t cooperate in the chess game Nial orchestrates, despite being unaware of the strategies swirling around her film set. Demanding and expecting only the best for her movie, Kate’s agenda forces Roman and Garrett to work together to protect her and keep the humans around her ignorant of the Pro Libertatus, the anonymous and all-powerful vampire group who nearly killed Nial, Sebastian and Winter, and shield Kate from the excesses of the League for Humanity. But could Roman really be with the Pro Libertatus?
There’s hidden intentions everywhere, and centuries of repressed feelings, along with at least two different groups that mean them harm. Then there’s the rumours that Kate has found the mythical Blood Stone, the key to unlocking vampire history and lifting their curse. Who is Kate, really? Because once Garrett begins to notice, things about Kate don’t quite add up, either…

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