The Fire of Dawn is the story of Leah Koopmans, an eighteen year old girl who finds out she is immortal.  She is very unique for her kind, as she was the first to be born and not made.  She is also very powerful.  After a tragic event, she meets others of her kind and is shown a whole new world.

This was a very captivating story that had me totally engrossed from the beginning.  I can honestly say there was not a single thing I didn’t like about this story.  The setting for the book takes place in several locations throughout Europe and I could vividly see every single place that Aku wrote about. I was really impressed with the author’s detail and descriptiveness in her writing.  

I found the characters to be quite intriguing, especially Leah herself.  Raised as human, she now has to live as an immortal.  In this story, immortals kill to feed and we watch Leah struggle to come to grips with what she must do to survive.  You can’t help but feel for her as she deals with her confusion and guilt.  Leah meets Max Machiavelli who becomes her mate.  He has been immortal for a very long time so he has long since made peace with what he must do to survive.  This causes enough contrast and conflict in their relationship to keep the reader interested.  The other character that I really connected with was Adam; he is human and a member of the Brotherhood, an organization that hunts the immortals.  He wants to find a way to make peace between the two groups.  He is so compassionate and good it was hard not to be drawn to him.

I believe young adults will really like this book. Although it does contain some sex, it is in no way graphic.  It is a story that will also appeal to adults who like the genre.  I was so impressed with Aku’s writing that I will definitely read her future books.




It’s the last day of the summer holiday in The Hague when Leah Koopmans’s carefree life as a teen is brutally flipped upside down. Her pale skin turns a dazzling gold, her senses heighten, and her muscles possess an uncanny strength. But with these exhilarating new powers comes a thirst that can only be quenched by one thing: human blood

While her body craves for fresh victims and her heart drowns in guilt, she meets inhumanly handsome Max Machiavelli, who claims that Leah is an immortal like him. Infatuation ignites into blistering passion when Leah joins his coven in Amsterdam. But as the mysteries shrouding her sudden change to immortality unravel, she quickly learns that her aversion to taking life isn’t the only thing that sets her apart from this group of herculean strangers.

From the picturesque canals of Amsterdam to Corsica’s limestone cliffs and the untamed Siberian wilderness; from first loves to fierce battles, The Fire of Dawn is an extraordinary tale packed with romance, betrayal, and bloodsucking suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat till the very last page.

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