Bloodography is a crime drama centered on vampires.  I had mixed feelings about this book. The author’s interpretation of the vampire was different from most others I have read.  Aside from the fact they must consume blood and have an increased sex drive, most of them do not differ much from regular humans.

The main issue I had with the book was with the main characters.  I would have liked the author to give the characters a little more depth. Both of the main characters seemed extremely self-centered.  Jack came off as an incredibly rude lush and his ex-girlfriend, Terry, seemed really vain.  I found myself wondering throughout most of the book if these two would have any redeeming qualities at all.  There is another couple central to the story, Heather and Sam.  Heather is a reporter who learns about the vampire community and sets out to expose them for the sake of fortune and fame.  She meets Sam who is a vampire in a local Raleigh, NC coven.  After they meet they fall deeply in love, and Sam, against coven rules, decides to grant her the interview she wants.

The first part of the book failed to really grab my attention, but it did improve.  Terry and her daughters have been turned into vampires, and Terry finds herself arrested for several murders.  Terry turns to her ex-boyfriend, Jack, who is an attorney, for help.  The book started to pick up for me when the actual murder investigation and trial took place. My favorite part of the book was a really unexpected twist that totally took me by surprise.

All in all the writing in this book is not bad.  I do wish the author would have given us a little more detail about the character’s descriptions and backgrounds.  I would have liked a better mental image and knowledge about what made them tick, and then perhaps I would have felt more drawn to them.  Chapter 46 of the book felt really out of place to me. I felt like the author could have omitted it and the storyline itself wouldn’t have been affected; in fact, I think it would have read better. This novel may not be for everyone, but there is no denying that the story is really unique.


Attorney Jack Frederick’s life couldn’t be better, until one day, his girlfriend of five years, Terry Trapp, decides their relationship is over. As a result, Jack, and his broken heart, relocate and withdraw from society. In the meantime, Terry and her daughters, after a night none of them can remember, awaken as vampires. Terry, now re-energized, decides she must do all she can to get Jack back.
A series of murders occurs around Raleigh, NC, culminating in Terry’s arrest as a serial killer. During this same time period, vampire hysteria surfaces when a local journalist, Heather Summers, publishes an article which purports to be an interview with a vampire. Backlash from the article creates unforeseen, negative consequences for Heather and her vampire-lover, Sam. As Terry and Heather’s lives spiral downward, they both look to Attorney Jack Fredericks to save them. Jack reluctantly becomes the unlikeliest defender of these two women vampires while jeopardizing his own safety and freedom.
Bloodography is a crime drama set against the backdrop of the possibility that vampires do exist, while adding the elements of online dating, courtroom drama, unrequited love, celebrity, and nuclear holocaust.

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