Divinity is the second book in the Angels of the Night series and I was really looking forward to reading it since the first book, Discovery, left me wanting to know what happened with Darcy and Allison. Kennedy has continued the series in a spectacular fashion that will have everyone talking about this emotional roller coaster. I really liked the characters in the first book, but I fell in love with them in Divinity. Allison is stronger, more confident and knows better what she wants. Still a Free Mason, she has rules to follow, but she is finding her own two feet and not letting them dictate her life. When Allison finds Darcy, however, she is thrown for a loop and teeters on the edge of a broken heart, not knowing if Darcy will ever remember their past; if he does will he forgive her for what she’s done? Robert, Darcy’s remaining triplet brother, continues to be a character that I can’t figure out. He seems to truly care for Allison and in doing what’s right, but he is a dark vampire under Jonas’s thumb, so is he really what he seems? Along with all the characters returning from the first book, we also get introduced to some of the female vampires and get a great taste of their vicious nature.

If you were a fan of the first book in the Angels of the Night series you are sure to love the series even more after reading Divinity. Paula Kennedy has a way of describing the world in the story that brings it to life. Add in the unforgettable cast of characters and you have a book that you are hard pressed to put down and one you won’t forget long after the last page. This isn’t a book that you would be able to read without having read Discovery first.  As with the first book Discovery, I would recommend this for those over the age of 17.


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Together with her vampire boyfriend’s triplet, Robert, a dark vampire whose intentions are not entirely clear, and Thomas MacGregor, Allison’s faithful guardian friend, Allison Webber leaves her hometown to find Darcy Wallace and bring him home safely. An unexpected problem has surfaced, however, and a desperate plan is put in place. Allison must make the ultimate sacrifice to save Darcy but soon realizes this is only the beginning of her struggle. Her entire world is about to be shaken to the core by a coven of female vampires and Allison must put her faith, and her heart, in the hands of the one she fears most.

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