Saint Sanguinus, the first in the Dark Ages Vampire Trilogy, is not your average, pretty vampire romance. Set in 6th century Wales, the world Smith built for us is perfect for this dark vampire tale. While I enjoyed the depth of the characters and the imagery of the story, I did find the beginning of the book to be a bit slow. There was a lot of switching back and forth between the three main characters Peredur, Tanwen, and Cavan as well as between periods of time. I had to stop and go back a couple of times to follow what was happening. That being said, I understand that with this being the first of the trilogy and the complexity of the characters lives, there really needed to be a lot of build up. The last half of the book flew by in a flurry of action and emotional turmoil to end in a way that made me want to have the next book now!

I can’t wait to read the second book in the trilogy and to find out what happens next with Peredur, Cavan, and Tanwen. If you’re a fan of smiley, sunshine and rainbow vampires, this book may not be for you. These vampires are vicious and live for blood, yet there is a strong emotional basis to the characters that makes you care, even for the “bad guys”. Smith keeps the setting true to the Dark Ages in every detail and makes it easy to step into the story even if you aren’t familiar with that era. I recommend this series to anyone that is a fan of the more gothic type vampire tale.


An elite brotherhood stands between humans and vampires, preventing one side from annihilating the other. Who are called to this service? Only those warriors who curse God with their dying breath.

Welsh warrior Peredur falls to a spear before he can claim Tanwen for his bride. Raging on the battlefield, Peredur utters the curse that seals his fate and leads him to another life. Using the power of a saint whose bone makes up an amulet, Peredur takes on the trials to become a true member of the brethren.

Yet his need for the chieftain’s daughter Tanwen still burns.

Tanwen resists her father’s command to take a husband. The only one who understands her sorrow is Cavan, the wise woman’s son. When he promises that he can reunite her with her beloved, she agrees to his terms. But does Tanwen truly understand the depth of the price that must be paid?

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  1. Julia Phillips Smith says:

    Thanks for your review–I’m currently working on book 2 for both series, so there’s lots of writing going on.

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