Blood of Immortality is the first part of the Hunter Everett Saga.  Guardamano has written a very in-depth and unique book.  The way immortals came to be and what they need for their race to survive is definitely a departure from the norm.  In a  time when there are so many vampire novels, many of which target the young adult market, it is refreshing to read one that doesn’t  follow the traditional formula  to the letter.  Although the book has elements of the paranormal,  I  found that it also has a sci-fi feel to it that will appeal to some readers. Though the book is geared more toward young adults, I don’t believe that it will appeal to just that particular group.  

The characters are really well developed, and all of the main characters were fairly in-depth. The author really gave you a taste of their personalities. I really liked Hunter’s character and I am sure the readers will like him as well.  In some ways he seemed  to be the typical 19-year-old boy, but to me he had an atypical  selflessness .  Guardamano also provided very descriptive settings in the book and I found it very easy to envision the places in which the novel takes place.

There were a couple of small sections of the book that moved a little slow for me and left me a bit distracted, but all in all this was a good read.  I thought that is was well written and very imaginative, and I would give the future installments a try.



For over half a millennium, the Empire of the Vampyres stood united and unchallenged. Immortality was their greatest weapon. The world was their playground. But therein lay their greatest weakness; a secret that created their entire race, which also held the power to destroy it.
And so came the dark years in the year 2006 AD when the Source, a tiny but powerful creature whose blood fed their immortality was stolen. With their only lifeline gone, their Empire stood on the verge of collapse, plagued by accelerated aging.
And so the search began, and for five years, all of immortal kind waited in darkness. But in the midst of their desperation facing death, fate would bring the Source to the most unlikely person – a seemingly ordinary nineteen-year-old boy named Hunter Everett.
Loyalties will be questioned. Friendships will be challenged. Love will be tested. This is his story, this will be his legacy.

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  1. Andrew G. says:

    I really appreciate the review Teresa!

    Andrew 🙂

  2. Teresa says:

    You are very welcome, I enjoyed writing it 🙂

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