Love Bite is book one of the Just One Bite Series and the first book written by Kay Glass.  Love Bite is the story of Diandra Malone and her life as a newly turned vampire. This book wasn’t at all what I expected.  

The novel was well written and I was hooked right away.  The author’s characters seemed very real to me, and she did a wonderful job of giving us complete insight into them.  My heart went out to Diandra’s character.  In the first pages of the book she appears to be a completely average woman who is happily married. That is, until she loses her husband in a violent attack and becomes a widow. Diandra befriends a woman named Lisbeth  Snyder, who is the woman who found her husband’s body and ultimately changes Diandra’s life as she knows it.  Another notable character in the story is Eamon.  He is the vampire sent by the council to show Diandra the ropes and fill her in on the rules. I really like his personality because there appears to be a subtle humor and lightness to him, but you get the impression he has a darker side too. I really hope to see him have a prominent spot in future books and the chance to learn more about him.

Glass gives us a little of everything in her first novel.  There is the paranormal element, some mystery, and romance.  It is apparent  a lot of thought and imagination went into this novel, and although the book isn’t long, the storyline isn’t lacking.  The book ended in such a way that you are aware the story will continue, but the ending wasn’t abrupt. The story still felt complete and at the same time left you with the curiosity to continue to the next book.



Diandra Malone is 28 years old, pregnant, and newly widowed. Lizbeth Snyder is a former cop with a chip on her shoulder. Against all odds they fall in love and life is good… Until the bite. Now Diandra is a vampire, and a new mom to boot! Together she and Lizbeth will uncover a secret Diandra’s husband never wanted revealed, raise a very special baby, and come to grips with a life that changed with just one bite.

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